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Snippet #2625912

located in Fairy Tail, a part of Fairy Tail: Dunes of Fiore, one of the many universes on RPG.

Fairy Tail



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Tension filled the air as attendees held their breath as a large rope in the middle of the town square lit up with fire. Like the ticking of a bomb after five seconds the singular rope dissolved into a single gust of wind as a multitude of smaller ropes sprang from the air. Each thickly twined fiber latched onto nearby buildings as nearby assistants threw large fabric tarps over the make-shift tent, then simple lines were drawn into the sand forming three sparring rings. Or at least the lines appeared to be simple enough, but if one looked closer small runes could be seen. Said runes were able to dispel any wayward magic and act as boundary lines for sparring opponents, the effect of getting slammed into the barrier was unknown although it wouldn't be a fun experience.

As on-lookers were drawn away from the display as a raspy voice echoed throughout the square "Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would please avoid contract with the areas before you as only those competing in this tourney will be allowed to enter unharmed. Do note that any forms of cheating is highly discouraged as is gam---". Static filled the air as the elder's words were cut off as a shrill yelping overtook it "Place your bets here! You there, sir care to place a bet on the might of Foxtrot! Yes you! Now don't worry this cutie won't bite just whisper your bet in it's ear!". A dog-sized crimson fox gave the gambler a large grin before giving a single wag of it's tail as a crimson paper floated up from it. Said paper was snatched from the air by an overexcited Ivan as Berry signs seemed to appear in his eyes as a set of numbers was written on a large board behind his merchant stand. A single hiss of disapproval came from a mortified Iris as a few select chuckles came from her twins antics followed by birth of numerous crimson tickets. So bets were being placed and there were a few select numbers that could change her luck.

Crimson eyes scowled at the smirk on Ivan's face as his own bet was placed as Iris hissed out [color=#a59818 ]"Wait! You are betting against me too! I am your sister. Where is the moral support!"[/color]. Ivan merely chuckled and patted his furious sister's head like a master would a pet "Now, baby sister, don't act so put out. My bet was that you wouldn't win the tourney..not that you would get your ass kicked in the first round." Unable to find the energy for a retort, an aggravated Iris merely huffed away from the booth and nearly ran into a semi-conspicuous Riku still wearing a scarf around his neck like a security blanket as Iris stretched out her arms before teasing lightly "So is today the day you get rid of the security blanket? I mean, come on Riku the fact that the town is allowing us to be involved in the tourney says something".

The sound of familiar protest and laughter made her blood pressure spike once again as an elderly man dressed in a flowing white tunic with a small clasp of metal around his throat was waving a large fan at her twin who was merely shrugging his shoulders. Said elder was Mayor Renly, a pure and simple man in the public eye, but with a fondness for precious gems and praise like any normal man. There was little love between the button-pushing Ivan refusing to discount even for the mayor, much to the leader's chagrin. So when the twin openly defied the mayor's request for it to be a gambling free affair..without consulting him for personal affairs..things tended to get heated.

Eventually after being dragged away by well-meaning associates, a fatigued Renly merely coughed a few times before waving a bright purple flag signaling the officials to start the matches. It would be quite some time before any matches came Iris's way as before curiously asking "So are you going to compete as a guild member under the eye of the public bearing your Guild's mark with pride? I am sure everyone would appreciate it."