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Daughter of Poseidon || Thoughts || Dialogue || Mood: Energetic

When Daniel emerged from the trees, Viviane couldn't hide the sly smirk on her face. She got him, and got him good by the looks of his sopping wet clothes. His smile was of course forced, that much was evidently clear. "I never gave my name," she smiled sweetly. Something else was lurking behind that mask that he seemed to have on to conceal his true intentions. Viv looked to Trinity then, wishing she could hear her thoughts, but she was confident her friend was getting getting the same point.

At the mention of a challenge, Viviane seemed to stand up straighter and a true smile was beginning to unfold on her face. She lived for challenges. Adventure was awaiting each one and it was something to pass the time with. Trinity spoke exactly what she was thinking. What would be "involved" in this challenge? What would come of it? And most importantly, why was Daniel, son of the sly Hecate want to issue a challenge? Whatever the answer, Viviane was going to hit them head on. It didn't hurt to think a little though.

For some odd reason, she felt like she was being watched. Looking towards the sky she wondered if the God's were looking down upon them. If her father was looking down upon her. Then she heard the speakers go off announcing that all the demigods meet in the main hall. "Looks like we'll have to pick this up after this meeting... until then." Turning to Trinity then she inclined her head towards the main hall, "care to walk with me?" Hoping she'd follow her, she turned and headed towards the hall, entering it and seating herself towards the middle back.