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located in Earth, a part of Ataxia, one of the many universes on RPG.


Literally where everything will take place. Locations will be added upon request


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Character Portrait: Castiel Starr Character Portrait: Rezu Sonova Character Portrait: Chester Andrew Calico Character Portrait: Adelaide Sucrauss
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Castiel could feel Themis panicking quietly inside him as Rezu opposed Chester, his heartbeat racing with hers. It was going too fast for both their liking. Their siblings were opposing each other directly, they were almost fighting! It was making Themis extremely upset, and it was rather understandable. She was the goddess of common consent and order, and now even her siblings were not united. What has years apart done to their family? The feeling welling inside him was a feeling of heavy despair, to the point where Castiel could almost find his eyes filling with tears. Hey! Don’t embarrass me in public again! He ignored the others temporarily snapping at the being inside him to keep herself under control. Themis was usually cheerful, but her lower moods were more vivid to him, more influencing on his own body. I’m sorry. But my siblings, they’re fighting again. We… We were supposed to be united. We could have all agreed on something… Themis was currently emotionally drained, no doubt about it, but this was not the time for that. Right now he could only see how the conflict turns out.

He tensed up as Adelaide approached Chester with the most unworldly expression he had ever since on a human face. Oh it's looking bad! Castiel this is your chance to escape if you want to. That girl is scary, isn't she? Maybe she just might eat you, who knows? Castiel took a quick step back as the girl's face seemed to contort into something from his worst nightmares. One of hatred and disgust, something that Castiel found terrible yet fascinating at the same time. It was the first time he had seen such a vivid display of emotion, considering the only people he had usually met were business partners of his father that usually had a cool facade much like the one he himself did his best to keep. That facade however, was melting away slowly much to his horror. His mind hurt, his eye throbbing steadily didn’t do much to help matters. The voices outside slowly faded to a buzz as the emotions of doubted waged destruction in his mind.

Themis. Do you want to punish humanity? His simply ignored the others as they rambled on and on about justice and the human race. Those topics never did interest him that much, he knows where he stood with his opinions. Humans were terrible creatures, and he was ashamed to be one of them. Though one cannot say that the Titans were better, and there was no denying his human race, his family and his attachment to them. His eyes were tightly shut for that instant, thoughts reaching out toward the ancient goddess that shared his body. She was a close friend too, she kept him out of danger all his life. Her advice might not be exactly dependable, but she was all he had. What was he to do? He couldn't possibly ask anyone else. I don't know either. My sister needs me, doesn't she? She was so happy when we met, I was happy too. And that boy needs your help too, Castiel. About humankind... Chester is right, you know. You know what they had done to Mother, and you know what they are doing is wrong. You’re not living in ignorance now, Castiel. But! Her voice changed in tone, becoming more optimistic as if she could sense the troubled expression on Castiel's face. I won't blame you no matter what you decide, I'll still do my best to protect you. Maybe I am influencing you, who knows? I'm not as good as mind tricks as you are. Still, take a stand, won't you? Enjoy life! You're still a baby. Chewing thoughtfully on the inside of his cheek, he raised his eyes just in time to catch the finishing lines of Adelaide’s little speech.

“Again touch my family and I’ll kill you. Oh and please leave the circus area. We’ve no intention of hiding shitty brats that think they’re entitled to something because they had shitting lives.” What foul language. Castiel curled his lip in distaste at her words, unused to such vulgarities spewing from her mouth. Heaven knows how bad her full speech would be like. Themis was probably going to quiz him on swear words later, something that he found quite irritating as of late, especially when he had to explain what ‘fucking’ meant later on. He wasn’t looking forward to that. Thankfully, after whatever she had been talking about, she left after the boy who rejected Chester’s initial plan. It would be the best to assume that she had agreed with his opinions and joined his side in defending humankind. The feeling in him now was one of dismay, but yet again he was unsure if that was only on Themis’s end of the spectrum. Well, so much for their little reunion.

He was ready to leave this situation when he heard Chester growl a death threat, and immediately the metal stakes in their vicinity started to shake and lift from the ground. Surely he wasn’t serious. Castiel shot a worried glance at him, but the magnetism soon vanished as quickly as it came. But the next thing he did was produce a tazer, something that made Castiel reconsider the situation once again. “I didn’t mean to almost lose control back there, but Cronus’s vessel it no good.” He could do nothing but nod. He was dying to know just what exactly was going in Chester’s head, but using his powers now was impolite.

“Surely, you won’t leave me, right Cas?”

"I..." Again, that deadly hesitance. He couldn't abandon his family. Both families were his, both sides were a part of him. Castiel wasn't on either side, he was suspended on the fine line of indecision and he hated it. Even Cronos was jointing the humans, out of his own will or not. Chances are, it's not a high chance that the Titans would win this one, destroying the human race. Not to mention that he did have a family to protect. Now he had two, and he needed to choose between them, the mere possibility that he has been running from all his life, from all the visions shown to him, the urging voice of Themis in his head.

"Sure." With a quiet, almost resigned voice, Castiel agreed. It wasn't his life's goal to do this, but for now, he will stick with the side he trusts the most.