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located in Seoul, a part of Ataxia, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Seoul


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Character Portrait: Kiyota Mikazuki Character Portrait: Hyun Ji Park Character Portrait: Ivanna "Ivy" Elliot Character Portrait: Suijin Aoimura Character Portrait: Kumiko Takazawa
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Kumiko was more than surprised when even more vessels started appearing one after another. The next to arrive after her had shocking blue hair what Kumiko absolutely adored. Her expression mirrored that of awe when the blue haired girl first spoke. Inside of her Hyperion was giddy with the actuality of their reunion. If Kumiko were to be honest she had never had a lot of hope of even finding one of the other vessels, she travelled around the world now, sure, but the world was incredibly vast. Billions upon billions of people inhabited the world and with only twelve of those billion people being titan holders the blonde girl had been reserved about finding even one.

When the last to arrive, Suijin, was the strangest of the small group. She had seemingly emerged from the water, and when she started speaking it visibly startled the girl. She was aware that the language being spoken was not one of the three she already knew, but despite that she still knew what the woman was saying. Hyperion was in her head, mumbling about the old language. It didn’t sound like anything humans used to communicate; it was a lot more primal, maybe even celestial, yet Kumiko found she understood what Suijin was saying. It was kind of exciting.

When everyone started introducing themselves Kumiko felt slightly overwhelmed. The boy had started the introductions, his name was something very Japanese, he looked Japanese too so that made sense. Mikazuki something, it started with a K sound. Kitoya maybe? He had just said it and she didn’t want to be rude by asking, it would be embarrassing to say she couldn’t remember his name after him just saying it. What she did get was that he housed Rhea, which meant nothing to Kumiko, she relied on Hyperion for all her titan based information. “Rhea is the titaness of order and flow. She also birthed many of the Olympian gods.” Ko hummed to herself and eyed up the scarf clad boy. He looked just as overwhelmed by the sudden gathering of titans as she did.

The woman that appeared from the water introduced herself next, and she was nearly frightening. She seemed on a whole new level of closeness with her titan, and it was unnerving because she looked like a real god with the way she carried herself. Her powers seemed strong, probably from being so close to her titan half, and it was more than unnerving to Kumiko. Suijin had an air of superiority to her that Kumiko found she didn’t want to oppose and she didn’t really like it. The blonde girl was more then happy when the only person that actually looked Korean started speaking, taking the attention away from the woman.

Her name was Hyun Ji Park and although Kumiko tried her best to me bubbly and happy interacting with so many other people at once was still hard. At least Mnemosyne’s vessel seemed easy to talk to. She looked towards the shorthaired girl and gave her a bright smile, she wasn’t exactly sure who Mnemosyne was though, her name was ridiculous. Kumiko, try not to be closed-minded, my siblings are millenniums in age. And Mnemosyne is the Titaness of memory.

Hyperion scolded her gently, with the same tone parents took to their toddlers and Kumiko had to suppress the urge to roll her eyes. Her heart had finally calmed down from the initial meeting and Hyperion seemed to have wrapped in his own excitement in so it didn’t leak into her own demeanor, and as she looked around it seemed the rest of the group was starting to calm down from the initial meeting. Clearing her throat the blond girl attempted to draw attention to herself.

“Um, My name is Kumiko Takazawa, Hyperion has been with me since I was young, and I am a professional violinist! I usually live in Japan, but I’m on a world tour!”
She held up her fingers in a peace sign and gave everyone a big smile. Friendliness was key to making a good first impression on others.