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It was when the ugly one started speaking out against Gale's ideals, which she happened to share with Chester, that she noticed her clenched fists were now red. It was when he started defending murderers, when he started defending selfish, cruel, inconsiderate, and greedy human beings that she felt her body stiffen. It was then she tried to wash away the sour taste that held her hostage. But no, it didn't wash away. It only grew with every word Rezu added in order to coddle his gratuitous speech. This... rancid taste spread like ivy, until it tainted her very being with a mix of disgust enmity. Her lips curled into that of a snarl and her attitude darkened. If you looked closely, you could see the unmistakable concentration of anger that eradicated the once ambitious yet energetic spark in her eyes.

Gale was... beyond mad. She was beyond angry beyond outraged, and beyond furious! Her rage combined with that of Crius's could only be described as godly. It was miracle that she wasn't bursting into flames this very instant, though that'd probably be another story if she housed Hyperion. Or at least, she would guess so from the way the wind was picking up. What was a slight breeze had turned into an onslaught of aggressive winds. With every second the wind's intensity grew, and Gale feared that if Rezu's nonsense went on any longer it'd turn into a gale. "How much of your belief and resolution is your own opinion, and how much of it is the Titan's?"


That word stuck in her mind for a while. The wind stop stirring quite violently; now it was more of a rough breeze. Was all he was saying... nonsense? "Ask yourself that."

She did. She asked herself that every day. Was it Crius or Gale? Was it Crius or Gale who was in charge? She even asked herself that on the way here. Her emotions, even the anger she felt now, it was never her own. It always seemed to be mutated, compromised... Gale's mood always seemed to switch with Crius's. Surely it was possible that Gale's opinion switched with his, too, but... no.

"Nonsense!" She growled. Gale lied to herself when she decided she'd said that in order to convince the others. Her opinion was her own! Crius and her agreed, that was all! She spent years of her life looking into humans, trying to reach out to them and being punched in return. She spent those years of her life because she believed in the people around her, she believed in that false kindness! If Crius had some kind... some kind of control over her, then she would've agreed with him immediately, right? Of course. Gale's thoughts were her own, and she--- she knew this. At this point the wind had died down by a lot, as now it was the same small breeze from before. After a deep breath, Gale decided that her anger had seen its worst.

"...on this shitty planet..."
They say it takes but a few words to set Gale off. Whatever possessed Adele to say such a thing, Gale could not imagine. Nor could she imagine the deformities the woman would have when Gale was done with her. Gaea was the primary reason Gale was on the titan's side. Humans were a secondary matter. The world's welfare was what caused Gale to consider the value of humans. The fact that they didn't give a rat's ass about Mother and the creatures inhabiting this planet was what convinced Gale they were better off dead. So when someone insulted Gaea... A titan vessel, no less, Gale started to get... angry. And the nerve! That the woman chose such... ribald words to describe such a beautiful sight! Adelaide had no right to say such boorish things about Gaea! Had she ever seen the beauty of dawn, as its colors painted the sky and blessed the horizon? Had she ever climbed to the highest hills and basked in the sunlight, felt the grass on her feet, and breathed in the fresh air? Of course not; she would never bother. She was blind. She was like all the other humans. She was cold. She was nothing.

The wind was stirring again; but the start was more abrupt this time, and it wasn't going to die down. As the trash walked away, she couldn't help but glance over at Chester and Castiel. The two C's. Her eyes glazed over Chester as he mentioned his mistake in losing control. She took a moment to sort out what happened, as she'd been so caught up in her anger that she wasn't registering the world around her. And nor was she now. As soon as Chester turned to Castiel, Gale turned away. She was still fuming, and she'd rather they not see. No, Gale never liked being angry. Nor did she like showing anger. All it did was support the false statement that she was nothing more than her father. She'd never be her father. No, she lived to oppose people like him. And the people who dared to compare them on any level!

The wind took a violent turn as Gale thrust a strong axe kick toward a nearby crate. The impact generated a loud thud and the slightest bit of relief for the girl in distress. "Well, it's three against two. That's gotta give us some kind of advantage, right?" She mumbled, assuming Castiel was with them due to his lack of leaving. Though something about the apprehension in his stance told her that he wasn't exactly sure about his place in everything. But surely that could be fixed. "Can the both of you fight? Um, actually, nevermind that. Before we do or decide anything we should get somewhere better than this. I can't stand this stupid circus, with all the stupid smoking and humans and..." She cut off her sentence with a sigh.

[OOC] "...Gale feared that if Rezu's nonsense went on any longer, then it'd turn into a gale." <--- I have been dying to use that pun since I first created Gale. The satisfaction is real.