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Snippet #2626531

located in Planet Arawath, a part of Only War: 501st Hendrisi Deadland Regiment, one of the many universes on RPG.

Planet Arawath

Planet Arawath is a mining world within the Reike Expanse that has been under Ork assault for three years. Local regiments of the 319th Imperial Legionnaires, 420th Cannabisian Regiment, and 19th Reiker Defense Force are all engaged.


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2nd Company LZ & Surrounding Area

Despite the volume of fire leveled on the Orks, they continued charging. The creeping Artillery barrage had crept into their lower ranks; helpful, but not capable of turning the tide away. In moments they were in melee.

The front lines of the Guardsmen began to shatter almost immediately; with so few melee specialists, the Orks plowed through the forward fortifications, such as they were, and began to work their way through. The 501st was not suited for this; but they would have to try to weather it.

Somewhere in the melee, Sergeant Solar was trying to hold another group of Guardsmen together; the squads had been badly split apart, and so anyone of rank was expected to start pulling the company together.

It was around the Priest that resistance would be strongest; armed with a Chainsword, he would be able to keep the Guardsmen closest relatively safe. Inspired to keep fighting, the few Guardsmen around Father Yates toggled their armaments to rapid-fire, overheating their weapons to pour as much damage onto the approaching Orks as possible; before the inevitable melee. A volley of grenades would assist in this, but the green tide was not to be dissuaded.

Caccia's position would soon come under scrutiny. A pack of Boyz, led by a Nob, begin charging the building. A few scattered shots find their way towards him and the Guardsmen, who return fire- but as the rest of the Orks, the goal was to get into melee.

Sergeant Icarus' position would be lost, but this is a fact the man already came to accept; the Guardsmen followed his orders to the best of their ability, but the Orks were too many, even with the narrow lane of approach. Once the drop-line was set for Icarus, the rest of the makeshift squad was quick to descend via their Grav-chutes.

The flame troopers were not able to escape the Orks; even as they charged after the retreating Guardsmen, the Orks charged faster, cutting them down, and howling impotently at the Guardsmen who had just escaped their wrath.

But the battlefield around them was not to be considered a pleasant atmosphere; Orks continued to come from seemingly all sides, pressing the squad closer to the main lines, and Caccia's position.

Belva's position in the North-East put her in a surprisingly docile location; she would be closest to the Sergeant, though whether or not she could pick him out in the ensuing melee was another matter. With the small group of troops entrenched in a building nearby, her and her handler would be contributing to the mass of fire against the Orks.

Her decision to fire on the Orks chasing down another group of Guardsmen would bring their attention to her, however. With a great shout, a pack of them makes way for her position, perhaps sensing her latent power as a deadly foe.

Things could scarcely get worse for the Guardsmen, and yet, there it was; several hundred meters behind the front, at the rear guard, several Ork vehicles had come from behind. Word of this had been relayed by a well positioned Guardsman, but there was still a lacking availability of heavy weapons to deal with it.

The one good thing to occur was a sudden influx of allied dropships. Descending through the skies, these larger landing craft were heading to ground with breakneck speeds. At first the Orks had not noticed them, with the Anti-Air emplacements largely engaging other forces. But they were soon noticed, and the skies were once again filled with a huge quantity of fire.

Several of the ships did not make it, and came crashing down both on Ork positions and those of the 2nd Company. One fortuitously placed crash site was on the front lines, helping to funnel the Orks into several lanes instead of a massive tide, but by this point the melee was already upon them.

If anyone survived the crash, the Orks were quick to break their way in and make that less likely.

Three intact dropships managed to land in the 2nd Company LZ. A wide-band Vox-communication would be sent out.
"This is Commander Odessa of the 32nd Hiigaran Hunter-Killers. We are here to assist."

While still behind friendly lines, for the most part, the three surviving dropships would begin to disgorge the troops of the 32nd; mostly infantry, but several Sentinel walkers, Hellhound support tanks, and a few Chimera transports, came out with them.

Secondary Designated LZ, AKA Artillery Strike Zone

The Commissar's attempts to keep order among the Guardsmen was likely appreciated, but ultimately obsolete; they were terrified, and the structure they were taking shelter in was crumbling around them. They could barely hear the Commissar anymore- deafened by the number of nearby blasts, all they could do is watch her attempt to build some kind of flimsy bridge.

That said, they did not even need to hear her to know that this was their only way out. Of the Guardsmen that had found the position, only five would make it out before the building's upper floors began to collapse entirely; those five using their Grav-chutes to propel themselves across the gap and into the other building, in various states of disarray.

Of course, said other structure was scarcely in better condition, but it hadn't taken a direct hit yet.

On the ground, the Stormtrooper squad would find it difficult to traverse the landscape around them; assuming they could even divine North at this point, the entire area around them had been shelled into oblivion. While the barrage had begun to creep Eastwards, the roads and buildings in the area had made the terrain incredibly hostile.

The small upside was the sudden lack of living Orks. Aside from the few that were in sufficient cover when the barrage began, the streets had been cleared of Orks quite effectively.

The unceasing sounds of the artillery barrages and the immense battle to the North would intermingle, giving them perhaps a rough idea of which ways not to go, and which ways might be friendly.

The skies above were soon filled once again with anti-air fire, and the targets of said fire, a series of landing ships carrying allied reinforcements. Many of them were brought down- why they were dropping before the anti-air was taken out at all was a mystery- but several could be seen making it down successfully beyond the structures to the north, and south-east.

One of the landing craft spiraled into a crashing descent somewhere West of the Stormtroopers, but the chances of survivors was unlikely.