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located in Seoul, a part of Ataxia, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Seoul


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Character Portrait: Kiyota Mikazuki Character Portrait: Hyun Ji Park Character Portrait: Ivanna "Ivy" Elliot Character Portrait: Suijin Aoimura Character Portrait: Kumiko Takazawa
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Ivanna examined the titans around her in silence as she fiddled with the lead pencil in hand. At that moment in time there were three others, each different from the last. The blonde one was the first to catch her attention, perhaps due to her lighter color scheme or the look of awe painted across her features. Ivy couldn't quite figure out why she was awe-stricken, but she returned the look with a small smile. The next person who caught her attention was a skinny girl with short, brown hair. Just as Ivanna turned to examine the one male, another voice caught her attention. Another titan, by the sounds of it.

Vann's ice blue eyes landed on yet another girl with white eyes and jet black hair. The woman introduced herself as the mind of Oceanus, inside a girl named Suijin Aoimura. At the mention of Oceanus Anna felt Tethys begin to stir. That same excitement began taking over again, and Ivanna couldn't help but let out a short giggle, much to her displeasure. Stop it, the girl thought, shifting uncomfortably. She absolutely hated it when Tethys took over like that. Whether it be through emotions or actions, it was always disturbing to know that her body wasn't completely... hers.

The subject quickly dissipated as the only male of the group introduced himself as Kiyota, soul holder of Rhea (who must have been behind the hovering rocks.) Next was Hyun Ji Park, the taller female along with Mys... Mnys.. Mnemosyne? Ivanna blinked a few times as she tried to recall the titan's power. Something with the mind, yes? No, no, that was Themis. Mnemosyne was... something to do with mind and memory, yes? Yes. Ivy would leave it at that for now.

A clearing of a throat brought the blue haired girl's attention to expert violinist Kumiko Takazawa. The mention of her name rang a small bell in Ivanna's mind; she vaguely remembered listening to one of her pieces. They were unique, brash even, yet intriguing at the same time. She'd have to remember to give the girl a compliment once all the introductions were over. Speaking of introductions... It was about time these titans knew her name. And, of course, her titan.

"I am with the titan Tethys. My name is Ivanna Elliot, but most call me Ivy. It is..." She paused for a moment, cherry picking her words. "An interesting occurrence to meet you all. Especially this suddenly." The last part was more abrupt than she'd meant it to be. But she supposed the sentence fragment held too much truth to be suppressed. To meet four other titans at the same time, at the same place was definitely an interesting occurrence. And not to mention, an overwhelming one. She had not expected this, and while surprises were always appreciated in her book, some surprises were better than others. This surprise was not one of the better ones, no, but one that was laced with apprehension and was, in fact, an extremely fragile canvas. Pick the wrong paint and find your picture stained forever, harder to fix, and possibly cast into the abyss that is defeat; ugliness. Yes, this situation had to be approached with delicacy. There was no telling what the others thought of this war the titans were looking to wage upon the humans.

"Human annihilation." Tethys mumbled. "It's a touchy subject, isn't it? Approach it with care, Ivanna. I know that you don't know where you stand... So don't make any rash decisions. Not without your own consent, at least." Vann's eyes locked on the ground. The fighting that was bound to happen was sure to get the best of her; the adrenaline was sure to take hold... and Ivanna knew she'd do anything to keep it flowing... and if she was desperate... it might be against reason.

"...Of course not." After clearing her throat, she looked to the others with the slightest of smiles. "Well then. Now that matters of courtesy are behind us, I suppose we should get the point. I assume we all know of the... matter at hand, and I must ask where everyone stands. I will start." Ivanna took a deep breath. "I'm not sure which side I'm on. However, if I'm to be frank I will say that I am leaning toward... toward the titan side, but I do not hold this position with much confidence."