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Listening To You're a Wolf by Sea Wolf


    Saying goodbye has never been the easiest thing to do.

    So far in Naomi's life, the amount of times she's had to say goodbye to people has reached a countless point. Most goodbyes are sad, having left people Naomi would rather not have left. This list includes friends made around her country when she and her brother bounced around foster parents. Ballet teachers she's had have also made the list, as well as the occasional foster sibling that didn't make her want to rip her hair out. The worst goodbye from this list would be her mother. No eight year old needs to say goodbye to their mother permanently, but death brings itself upon everyone eventually. Her mothers just came a little quicker, all due to that damned drunk driver. Some goodbyes, however, are good; having left people that she should have long ago. Those are generally not under the 'easy' category, despite them being good. Those people are always ghosts that float around her, simply living and thriving in her memories. A simple goodbye in not enough to end them, like all those abusive foster parents in her past, and most notably her own abusive father who was deemed too unfit to care for them after getting charged with child abuse. He left a physical scar, as well as a mental one on Naomi from the memory of him slashing with a broken beer bottle on her back in a drunken state. He never got over her mothers death.

    But the worst goodbyes are the ones that have the underlying silent agreement that it is not goodbye forever.

    Now, one would think this would be the easiest goodbye, as they aren't real goodbyes. Just something to say to one another after leaving their presence for only a little while. But they're just so vast. The amount of time between that falsified goodbye and the next hello is too greatly varied and just doesn't sit right with Naomi. The path between is too unpredictable, wether it be only for a couple hours, days, or years. Unless someone saw the future, which at this point Naomi couldn't rule out considering her own odd situation, they couldn't know if it were really the real goodbye. If someone were to die, or change inexplicably to the point of a living death, one would be left with an empty feeling where the promise of seeing one another again once was. This is where Naomi struggles with what to say in those types of situations. She always said goodbye as if it were the last time, as she never fully knew. It gave her heartache, but she believes it would be more painful if she didn't.

    So at two in the afternoon on a saturday, in the Stockholm Arlanda Airport, she said goodbye to her twin brother, August, as if it were the last time she would see him. The two were quite the spectacle to look at. At first glance, one wouldn't even think they were siblings, let alone twins, him being the elder of the two by five minutes. Naomi stood a miraculously tiny 5'2, while he towered over her at 6'3. Her looks and slightly pigmented skin belonged to her mothers, where his slightly more chiselled and pale features was after their father. The only thing they did share was their shockingly blue eyes, positively identical in that way. Not only was her nickname Blue amongst many, his was too. Together, both radiated a very mysterious air, like they belonged to their own personal world in which people avoided in fear of trampling over their toes. Separately of course, many didn't care. But they clearly showed their co-dependent sibling-ness nature in public, and as soon as their relation is stated, people realize that they truly have not been separated since birth.

    Well, until now.

    "You positive you have your passport?" August questioned for the fifth time since they got into the car to where the stood just outside of security now. "Yes, for the last time I double checked before we left," she sighed lightly, digging into her messenger bag only now just pulling it out as proof to him. He nodded as if finally off edge. "You know, I can still tell them I changed my mind, I can easily call that man right now," she began to say, herself being very unsure about the whole situation itself. It seemed a little odd, how this institute suddenly tracked her down offering her a place to stay and some answers to her many questions, all for the price of researching her and a couple others they were bringing in. At first, she easily declined the offer, refusing to leave her brothers side. However, a couple of days later, her brother found the letter and was the convincing voice for her to leave. He'd known what she was and what she could do. It was really hard not to, within her whole family, when you have a little baby girl who whenever would cry would turn into a grey kitten. Of course it was a shock. Well, actually, more then that, but her mother accepted her, her father always a little more reluctant, only taking out his abuse and his words when her mother had passed on. Her brother was a different story. It was always just a normal thing for him, so much so he didn't think it honestly weird. Course, non of her foster families knew. She liked to keep it as such.

    "You are getting on that plane, Kitty," he scolded her, using the nickname he gave to her when they were kids. It wasn't clever. She turned into a cat a lot -- Kitty. Real creative. "You'll be taken care of there, and I'll be just fine here for a little while. Just call me when you get the chance okay, I got you a cellphone and it covers long distance." He added, before pulling one of those touch screened cellphones she definitely wouldn't know how to work. That very fact must have displayed on her face, as he rolled his eyes, and quickly showed her where all the various apps and stuff were. His number was already programmed into it.

    Throwing her arms around him in a hug, he gave her a tight squeeze back, before letting the small girl go and ruffling her hair slightly. "I better hear from you everyday or I swear August I am getting on the next flight back here and tracking you down." she scolded as he scoffed, saying, "what, are you going to turn into a dog and track me down by my scent?" She pouted. "Seriously, go, you are going to miss your flight. And hey, maybe if one day I suddenly wake up as a rabbit I'll come down and join you." Naomi sighed as she clutched her passport in her grip. "If anything, you would wake up an ass," she mumbled, before turning on her heel and making her way over to the terminal entrance. "Naomi," her brother called to her, before she glanced over her shoulder. "Call me whenever you need, especially when you land. And please, stay safe." His sunken in eyes only displayed the complete and utter seriousness on his face. "You too, August." She smiled, before her disappeared from her view, as she left for the waiting area.

    The flight from Stolkholm, Sweden to Riverside, California took around eleven and a half hours. She was fairly restless the whole flight, and started to doze off around the eleven PM mark Swedish time, and awoke two hours later, when told the flight had landed.

    She went through a mix of emotions as she disembarked the plane. One was confusion, never having travelled anywhere. The second was a sort of numbness, already feeling home sick. The third was pure and unadulterated hatred knowing very well that jet lag was going to kill her. Her time, it was one in the morning, but in California? Well it was bloody four in the afternoon. All she wanted to do was sleep and struggle out of her coat and scarf as California was much hotter then her own city was this time of year.

    Grabbing her luggage and dealing with customs for longer then she liked, she stepped into the main area of the airport, fully intending to step outside and flag down a cab to take her to wherever the residence was, before seeing her name perfectly scrawled out of a note card held by some man in a nice suit. Hesitantly approaching him, feeling almost zombie like in her tired state, she said a little timidly, "Hi, I'm Naomi." The man simply smiled, asking, "For Zete's institute?" She nodded her head, and he grabbed her bags right out of her hands with his jolly little smile and led her outside to where a sleek black car was parked. She got it, almost feeling as this were a scene out of a movie and she was getting kidnapped, she didn't have any struggle in her and just went with the flow, sending a small text to her probably sleeping brother about how she landed safely.

    The city wasn't as vibrant as her own, making the home sickness she felt infinitely worse. It took maybe twenty minutes from the airport to the house, which actually stood a little on the outskirts of the humid and bustling cityscape. She couldn't help but... gape at the size of the house. She knew they were keeping medical equipment in there, but for the amount of people it shouldn't have been that nice or that big in size of property. Whatever floats their boats, she guessed.

    The odd little happy man took her bags out of the trunk and left them in front of her, before leaving once again without a word. Maybe to pick up someone else, she had no clue. She decided to not think about him to much. Hoping this wasn't some weird trick or ruse, she approached the doors after descending one too many steps, and rapped on it, not sure what was going to greet her when it opened.

    When an averagely attractive looking young man in a t-shirt and jeans swung open the door with a lazy grin, she realized, she fully wasn't suspecting that.

    "Naomi, hey! Nice to finally meet you, come on in, lemmie get those bags for ya," he blabbered on, almost as if they were old friends as he reached around her and easily plucked her suitcase up. Seems like that thing was getting passed around a lot today. She just stood a little rigidly, hands clasped behind her back and she cleared her throat a little awkwardly before approaching inside. "Shit, you're probably wondering who I am," he flubbed, before sticking his arm out for a handshake. "Name's Lucas Zete's, we haven't been formally introduced, just call me Luke." She just nodded, a little stunned for words that this young man was the owner of the establishment. "Oh, uhm, nice to meet you. I'm Naomi, quick question, how did you know it was me?" she sputtered out of curiosity, as he recognized her as soon as she opened the door. "Ah, yeah, I had your foster files sent over to me and it had a picture of you when you were fourteen or something," he shrugged, as if it were nothing that he just admitted to her he knew literally everything of her past that was contained in those fairly private files. "You're the first to arrive so why don't you get settled in, your rooms on the next floor up, third to the right," he smiled, as he led her up anyways with her suitcase, swinging open the door to a room she didn't think she would ever get the chance to reside in. He just clapped her slightly on the shoulder, which sent a slight sharp shooting pain as he back never fully healed from the glass cutting situation. "Well, once everyones here, I'll get you all to meet downstairs so I can talk to you all about whats going down, but let me know if you need anything, Blue!" He hollered, before jogging back down the steps. Jesus, he even knew her nickname.

    Stripping off her coat and scarf in fast haste, she threw them on the one chair that resided in the beautiful room. It was slightly decorated, and she was going to explore it a bit before she heard the odd sound of her favourite musical piece coming from somewhere in her coat. Rummaging through the pockets, she stared a little blankly at the phone as is buzzed and played a tune, while her brothers name and picture flashed on the screen. It took a second to realize it was a call. Quickly swiping it so to answer it, she held it up to her ear, and said, "Hello?"






Listening To Long Hair by Drowners


    "Mum, for the last bloody time I went to the bathroom before we left the house!" Tobi groaned, covering his face with his hands before dropping them to stare down at his short, pixie like mother.

    "Sweetheart, I know, but it doesn't hurt to remind you, you're so tall that sometimes I fear you don't get enough blood to your head," she sighed in her motherly like manner. He stood there in the Cardiff airport, mouth gapped wide. "First of all, I'm not super tall, you're just short, and secondly, did you just call your own son stupid?" He couldn't believe this. His mother was about to say goodbye to her eldest son and she calls him stupid? Pah. Ridiculous. "How many times do we have ta tell you? You're not stupid, just our special one," his father grinned broadly, before wrapping his arm around his wife's waist. They teased about it a lot, him being special. And no, it wasn't because of his force field generation. They actually didn't know about it, and he prefer keep it that way. They teased him about being the special one because unlike his two very younger brothers, Tobias was their happy little teenage accident. Many believed Tobi to be his mothers younger brother, as she had him merely at the age of sixteen, his father being the same age too. It's really incredible to him they stayed together, so much more that they had two more sons to bat when the time came.

    "It would be funny if you pee'd your pants on the plane, Tobi," Lucien, his little seven year old sibling, said matter of factly with his precious little grin. "Oh Luci, you've always had the best taste in humour," Tobi grinned, dropping down to his short level. He simply pouted, informing him sternly, "I hate being called Luci, It's Lucien." Tobi smirked, saying, "Didn't mum and dad ever tell you? Your names actually Lucille, surprise!" while ruffling his golden locks that matched his mothers. Lucian looked so offended and shocked, that all the family couldn't help but laugh as the next three minutes were spent reassuring him that his name was in fact, not Lucille, and was actually Lucien.

    It was like this a lot. The whole Keating clan was a playful bunch, and it made them incredibly close. Ever since Tobi found of about his force field generation, he didn't want to ruin the balance by informing his parents of that fact. He knew their was a strong possibility of them accepting it, but didn't want them to have to stress out about it. About their extra]-special, special son. As far as they knew, he was given an opportunity to study music abroad in California for free.

    "Send us some pictures when you're down there," Rowland, the eleven year old sibling, spoke up. He was always interested in photographs. Everyone has their quirks. "Got it, I'll send down some post cards too, if you want." He just eagerly nodded, obviously liking the idea. The next ten minutes were spent saying goodbye over and over a thousand times, and his father trying to calm down his very emotional and crying mother. He nearly escaped without her forcing him to stay put, not to go to America.

    The flight took a long and gruelling ten hours, and he almost felt like yelling at the top of his lungs 'free at last' once he stepped into the Californian airport. He held his restraint, however.

    Grabbing his two suitcases and backpack packed with all his worldly possessions, the Welsh lad made his way into the entrance are,a only to see a gruff looking mad standing boredly with a sign with his name 'Tobias Keating' scrolled along it in fairly nice cursive. Moving over to him, he asked, "Hey, are you from the Institute? I'm Tobias." The man nodded, saying "Yes, welcome Mr. Keating. Let me take you to the car, then we'll head off." He sounded more approachable then he looked.

    Insisting on dragging his own bags along, he loaded them into the nice car before hopping in the front seat, only making slight conversation to the obviously focused driving man. He felt weird though. It seemed like nonsense to be driving on the right side of the road. It didn't feel [i]right
    despite what the words implied. In Britain, it was strictly the opposite. this would take some getting used to.

    That wasn't the only thing to get used to, however. As they approached the large home that would now become his residence, it seemed so much better then the simple flat his parents owned where he shared a room with Rowland. Well, used to share a room with Rowland. He could only image what the inside would look like, hoping it wasn't ruined with a whole whack of medical stuff.

    Grabbing his bags and waving goodbye to the driver, he hopped up the steps and knocked on the door, leaning against the frame slightly as he awaited whomever was to greet him. Only seconds later did is swing open to a casual looking guy, who quickly ushered him in with the words, "Hey, Tobi, right? Nice to meet you man, I'm Luke Zete's, come on inside." Tobi couldn't help but slightly gape at the interior, and he blurted out the question right away, "wheres all the lab stuff?" This got a chuckle from Luke. "Oh yeah, all that stuffs set up in the basement, but I'll explain that to all of you when you get here." Suddenly, a phone started ringing, and he heard Luke mutter under his breath. "Sorry, gotta grab this, but your room is upstairs, first door on the left, Naomi is already here so go say hi if you want," he called, before answering his phone with soft murmurs he couldn't make out.

    Naomi must be one of the other people coming to the institute, but he couldn't help but chuckle at the coincidence of her name. Surely it wasn't the Naomi he knew, or well, kinda of knew. He didn't know how to exactly describe the odd mind connection. All he knew was he hasn't heard from her in a couple of days, well, any of them. He couldn't help but wonder what the chances are that the Naomi upstairs was the same one who was in his head every since he were a kid.

    Making his way up the steps, he quickly shoved his bags into his incredibly nice room he would gawk at later, before peering into the other doorways, before hearing a soft voice talking in one of the rooms on the right. Peering in slightly, his eyes caught sight of a short girl, probably the height of his own mother, talking in a tired, yet familiar voice, on the phone. "Blue, is that you?" He asked a little hesitantly, almost mesmerized at the fact that it could possibly be her. Naomi turned around slightly, saying quickly, "One second Tobi, just let me finish this call," before turning back to stare out the window. The phone quickly dropped out of her hand before she turned back around and faced him, blinking her wide and vivid blue eyes in confusion. She must have recognized his voice, as he did hers. They both didn't say anything for a minute, simply gawking at one another presence. He was the first to break the silence. "Blue is that really you or did I start seeing you as well as hearing you?" She just shook her head, mouth wide open. She closed it quickly, before hesitantly, like a deer, approaching him, and promptly, poking his cheek. "I think this is real," she said almost mystified-like, before back to the unified silence it went.

    In unison, they broke into a grin, and he picked her up in a hug.