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located in Earth, a part of Bond of Fate, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Standing in the rain || Nell


"So you're really going huh Jinny? Rika, her best friend asked.

Jin-hee looked up at her with a small smile and nodded. If anyone was looking at the her they'd think the poor girl was crazy sitting on the floor at the airport, talking to herself. Rika was Jin-hee's best friend and yes, she was a spirit. Her first encounter with the bubbly ghost was when Jin-hee was 13, swinging by herself at the park in the cold rain with only herself as company. She had gone through a rough day of being picked on even though it was her first day of school, her optimism and friendly introduction hadn't pushed away the gossip surrounding her 'cursed' nature and so she was left alone. Rika however out of the blue popped up and cheered the poor girl up, although she had tried to help Rika move on like she did with all spirits, it seemed like Rika's job on earth wasn't yet done...or that's what she says anyway. Since that day the two were never separated, but then again that wasn't exactly a hard task as no one could see Rika.

"They will totally change you, c'mon they obviously want something from you..." Rika sighed, her head on Jin-hee's lap as she closed her eyes.

"Rika stop being so negative! I can finally get out of this place and meet the people in my head..." Jin-hee poked her friend in the cheek and let out a quiet giggle. "And anyway it's not like I'm leaving you, you're tagging along anyway."

At that moment Zhen, Jin-hee's aunt walked towards her, carrying a bag in one hand and a coffee in the other. With a sigh the woman ushered her niece to stand up, wiping off the small flecks of dust. "Jin-hee, what did I say about talking to your...friend in public?" Without even letting her reply she continued on "I brought you some things that might help keep you happy on the long flight, just some books. I also checked your flight number and you should be checking in around 5 minutes so I'll have to say goodbye now, don't forget to call me when you get there and please for the love of god don't let Rika take all your attention! I want you to meet those friends of yours, human friends, you hear me?"

Jin-hee smiled and without a word hugged her aunt. The only person who ever cared about her existence and happiness. Zhen blinked back the tears and pulled away first, keeping herself composed. "Don't worry Aunt, I'll be okay and yes I will call you, and yes I will make human friends...oh and thank you for the books!" With a last quick peek on her cheek Jin-hee grabbed her backpack and waved goodbye.


The flight was long, extremely excruciatingly long. Those 12 hours seemed to go by so slowly that Jin-hee thought it would just be easier to walk there than this. Teleportation would come useful at times like these She thought to herself with a smile. She looked over at the small window and watched as the clouds went by, it seemed as if they weren't even moving; just floating endlessly in the sky. Rika had disappeared once she had boarded the flight like she did randomly at times, she hoped that Rika would be able to join her quickly in California.

She sat next to an old woman who was taking a nap, perhaps having a pleasant dream by the smile she was presenting. With a small sigh Jin-hee tilted her head in time to spot a small lanky boy, leaning in so that his head rested on the shoulder of a young blonde woman. She wondered whether the spirit was a son or some other relative but it seemed that he was just happy.

Jin-hee looked over at the small screen in front of her and silently groaned at the time they still had left before they reached their destination. 9 hours. It seemed like sleeping was the only option for all those hours to go by and so that's exactly what she did.


The elderly woman had woke her up, offering a hard sweet as a small parting gift. Jin-hee thanked her kindly and popped the sweet into her mouth, the lemon sherbet flavour exploding into her mouth. As the plane landed and the pilot proceeded to let them know they could leave, she stood up, wobbling a little and grabbed her backpack from the overhead compartment. Saying a quiet thank you to the air hostesses who stood by the exit, Jin-hee made her way out of the plane and quickly tried to avoid the rush to grab her suitcases. She mumbled to herself about changing her watch's time while dealing with customs and finally with her suitcases placed securely onto the trolley and everything done, she made her way towards the main entrance.

Her name was the first thing she saw on a note card held by a man wearing what seemed like an expensive suit. Jin-hee looked around out of habit and made her way towards him, somewhat intimidated by his presence. This was all beginning to seem too real for her liking. Here she was in an unknown city where everyone seemed to be rushing, she herself felt like she had to move quickly just to catch up with everyone.

She bowed, "μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš”" she said awkwardly and bit her lip as if to stop herself from saying more. Jeez not even 10 minutes in and she messed up. It seemed like she forgot that speaking English would be necessary and she wasn't in Korea anymore. Before she could correct herself, the man greeted her and escorted her to an expensive looking car where she followed. Holding back a yawn she watched the scenery as he drove her to her new home for the time being.

Without even realizing the car stopped in front of a lovely large house. Jin-hee stepped out of the car and stood there for a few moments in awe at the size and architecture of the building and wondered how rich the owner must be to afford such a place. She felt a tap on her shoulder and with a laugh waved at Rika who stood beside her, looking impressed.

"I must say Jinny, maybe this experience will be better than I expected." Rika nodded over to the door. "Let's go then, we don't have all day!"

Jin-hee looked back at the car, surprised to see that her luggage had already been taken out, it seemed like the man didn't need help so she strolled towards the door, walking up the steps quickly and knocked on the door lightly. The butterflies in her stomach appearing for the first time since she left. It's okay Jin, nothing bad will happen, and who knows maybe you'll never want to go back home, she thought to herself nervously.

An attractive man was on the other side of the door and greeted her warmly. He seemed younger than she expected and with a warm smile he ushered her forward where she stood rather awkwardly. He introduced himself as Lucas Zetes and announced that Naomi and Tobi had already arrived and were upstairs. Jin-hee bit her lower lip at the prospect of meeting them for the first time but felt almost relieved that they were actually real and not just in her mind.

She looked back to see Lucas had disappeared and thought it was her cue to go upstairs. Rika seemed to have disappeared too, probably checking the place out which left her on her own. Jin-hee thought it would be wise if she put her backpack in her room before meeting the two and rushed upstairs, nearly tripping over a step. She was pleased to find that her room looked amazing and honestly too beautiful for someone like her to proclaim as her own. But that thought was for another time and so she gently put her belongings onto her bed, seeing her suitcases already there besides the door. Finally she could meet the two and without another second stepped outside to the corridor, walking along it to try and find them. Two voices from afar brought her to another beautiful room and with cry she walked in.

"Oh god so I'm not crazy!" she exclaimed happily.






I see fire || Ed Sheeran


Flynn groaned as his mother nagged him about the time. "Ma seriously now I won't be late!

His sisters on the other hand were too busy writing down all the things they wanted from California whilst his father stood there watching everything happen. Flynn grabbed his bag and made his way out of the living room, his mother of course following him with her continuous nagging. "I swear to god you will be the death of my Flynn, you left your passport on your desk upstairs!"

Rolling his eyes he simply thought about his passport and before his mother could saying anything else, the passport came flying out of his room, down the stairs and onto the palm of his hand. "Got it ma, stop your worrying, jeez I'm not a little kid anymore. He pushed the front door open and made his way towards the taxi, the driver looking annoyed as he huffed and made his way inside the car.

It took Flynn weeks of telling his mother that he'd be going to the airport alone and she didn't accept it right away. No they had to argue it out until his father stepped in and with a tired sigh announced that Flynn would make his own way there. Much to his mother's dismal she continued to pester Flynn until she gave up one morning and went crazy buying things for the trip. Things he really did not need in the first place.

"Wait a second, you forgot to kiss your old ma goodbye, seriously what will I do with you. This is the first time you moved so quickly in your whole life!" With a laugh she hugged her son, eyes brimming with tears.

"You better be calling us all the time otherwise ma will follow you to Cali!" Myra laughed, hugging her brother as well and handing him over a note scribbled with a list of items for him to buy. He rolled his eyes and rubbed his sister's head, her hair going crazy as she yelled him to stop.

"And what about you Cara, don't want anything?" He asked his older sister who stood there with a small smile. She only shook her head and hugged him tightly, whispering 'keep safe' and 'I'll miss you' into his ear. He stood back and watched his mother burst into tears and his sisters grinning happily at him.

Finally he looked over at his father who hardly ever showed direct affection. Breean gave a small nod and mouthed a 'I love you' much to Flynn's surprised and waved him off. He took the time to hug his mother again, reassuring her that he will phone all the time and that he won't be gone forever before getting into the taxi and waving goodbye to his family as the car drove away.


10 hours to get to California was definitely something Flynn was not looking forward to. That was 10 whole hours away from his gaming and also 10 whole hours of being beside a total stranger and probably having to communicate with people. The airplane food also wasn't the greatest thing ever and so it was very accurate to say he was dreading this part of the whole journey.
Flynn sighed as he went through customs and security, the whole thing was just such a pain and a bother to him. If only he could teleport himself to California, that would reduce the hassle of it all. But no he was stuck with his telepathic gift, but then again that was extremely useful to his lazy ways as well. Grabbing something bearable to eat was his first mission and with a coffee in hand he sat down, waiting for his flight to be ready. He tilted his head and saw a family of four by a cafe, the son seemed to be annoying his younger sister so he thought it would be fun to play with him. Concentrating on the toy that the son had obviously stolen from his sister, he began to move it so that it was floating right in front of him. It wasn't a surprise that the little boy stared at the toy with his wide eyes in horror and tried to take it. However the toy only moved higher and higher until it dropped onto the younger sister's lap. The boy ran to his mother who was busy on the phone and began to tell his crazy story about the floating toy although was ignored by his mother.

The announcement for the passengers to board the flight came about after 30 minutes. Flynn pushed himself up and lazily stretched, yawning as he grabbed his bag and passport. He made his way into the line and waited for his ticket and passport to get checked by the pretty brunette and with a smile boarded the plane.

Thankfully he seat was at the front where he had a lot of leg space. He was also sat next to a teenager who seemed in his angst stage where his scowl could probably kill someone. Flynn grabbed his iPod and put his earphones in, savouring the fact that the music drowned out the annoying sounds and voices in the plane. He closed his eyes and hoped that the 10 hours would fly by. And yes, he chuckled at his own pun.


The pilot's booming voice announced that they had safely arrived at California. Flynn remained seated as he let everyone else rush, grabbing their bags out of the overhead compartments and run out as if they had a time limit. Instead he watched as everyone departed and in his own time stood up, took his bag and made his way out, his earphones still in. He murmured to himself how his back ached from the nap and released yet another yawn. He wondered if he could just sleep once he got there but that would probably mess up his sleep schedule...not like he had one exactly.

The routine of going through customs and filling out forms was anything but fun and after what seemed like several hours to Flynn, he made his way out to the main entrance with his suitcases, glad to see that someone from the institution was waiting to pick him up. Having to get a taxi and find the address seemed troublesome but his ride seemed here before him, and he wondered how long the poor man was waiting for him for.

He gave Flynn a nod and they both walked to the car where Flynn tried hard to keep his eyes open but failed. He slept again for most of the journey and was woken up by the driver who told him they had arrived. Flynn who thought he should go grab his luggage was pushed kindly away and told to go straight in and with a shrug complied. "So this is it huh?" He thought to himself as he rubbed the back of his neck and strolled towards the front door, walking up the stairs 2 steps at a time. Flynn was about to knock on the door when it opened widely, a gust of warm air hitting his face. In front of him was a young man, too young for his liking but his smile seemed welcoming.

He gave Flynn a hug which caught him off guard and told him that the others were already here. With his hand resting on Flynn's shoulder he gave him directions to the room he would be staying at and announced that they would have time to get to know each other more with the group during dinner.

Flynn had almost forgotten that there were also other people who would be staying here but was more surprised to hear it was the people in his head, or rather the three that he was able to hear in his head for a while now. He wondered what they would look like and if their voices matched their appearance. He sluggishly made his way up the stairs and to his room, smiling at the fact that it was perfect for him. Dropping his things on the floor, he exited out of his room and followed the voices of the others.