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Snippet #2626685

located in Bamboo Forest of the Lost, a part of Denouement of a Fantasy Era, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bamboo Forest of the Lost

Don't get lost. In fact, don't get close.


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Character Portrait: Fujiwara no Mokou Character Portrait: Marran Yanada
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The woman seemed to be surprised at the way Marran had greeted her, similarly her rather jovial response seemed to indicate that she wasn't hostile, at least not overtly so, besides which it would be pretty impossible to get him more lost than he currently was so it seemed unlikely she was an enemy. Still Marran was nothing if not cautious so he considered his response before he spoke.

"By help you mean finding the exit to this forest? I'm afraid I'm not a local so the layout of this wood has confused me but your assistance would be most welcome."

The stranger did not seem likely to be a villager so he judged she might not have a negative response to him not being from the area, besides which his attire would would make such a fact obvious. And even then if she viewed foreigners with suspicion her wariness might make her more cooperative or at least make her reconsider any hostile thoughts should she harbor them.

As he spoke Marran took the opportunity to examine the woman more closely, her strange hair and red eyes seemed most likely to be natural though not common in the humans he'd met. On the other hand her behavior and looks didn't seem to quite match up with his mental impression of what spirits and gods looked like either. Then again he had a frustrating lack of information about the local spirits, which the villagers referred to as "Youkai". Their information seemed to be either entirely fantastical, garbled, second hand or tinged with hysteria; but Youkai, human or something else entirely was fine by him as long as they could help him out of this forest.