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Snippet #2626795

located in Gensokyo, a part of Denouement of a Fantasy Era, one of the many universes on RPG.


The haunted valley in the far east.


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Character Portrait: Fujiwara no Mokou Character Portrait: Marran Yanada
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Marran..... So that was his name. Mokou had never heard of a name like that before. Though living for centuries now, she had never really set foot out of Japan and since she lived a few centuries in isolation from any human contact, she never really met anyone who wasn't Japanese before. Where did he come from and why was he even here in Gensokyo of all places? Many questions about this strange man ran through Mokou's mind as she led him towards her home. More so, why did he end up in the Bamboo Forest? Mokou decided that all her questions could be asked later. They still had a ways to go before they left for the Human Village anyways. Mokou led Marran through the forest without saying anything for quite awhile. Though she loved listening to the stories of the humans that got lost here, she never really spoke of herself openly unless asked questions. In her mind, any story she would have to tell would be way to long for anyone to hear for the short time it took to bring them back to the human village and she decided it would be best to just answer simple questions than to elaborate on her very extensive past.

Though after a few minutes of silence, Marran spoke up and asked Mokou, ""Please forgive me if this is an impertinent question but are you what the villagers refer to as Youkai? I have had few encounters with them myself and they appear far removed from the spirits and avatars of my own land."

Mokou had to chuckle at the question. According to official definition of a "youkai" that the humans had made over the years, Mokou could officially be considered a youkai. She definitely was not a human but yet she was not fully youkai. What was she really? Mokou never really pondered that question and the thought puzzled her.

"A youkai? I'm not to sure if you would call me a youkai but I definitely am not human."

Just to make her point Mokou opened her hand and a small ball of flame ignited right above her palm.