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Snippet #2627071

located in Mountain Brook, a part of Fresh Poison, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mountain Brook



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Character Portrait: Abbie Stone Character Portrait: Alexandria "Geo" Allen Character Portrait: Callum Watson Character Portrait: Jason Reide Character Portrait: Charles Wilkins Character Portrait: Tyler Brent
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He was late. Probably. Maybe? No, definitely. Jason was walking kind of slowly down the street toward the party Abbie had wanted to meet him at. He was walking slowly because, well, really he was just giving himself a plausible lie as to why he was just showing up. Which now that he thought about it was counter intuitive, since the longer he took the more out of character he seemed. He always tended to be one of the first people to show up at a party, but he had been... held up. To say the least. Abbie had to go see her therapist so he had decided to stop and grab dinner. He was just going to ask for something to go and eat at his place, but no. Of course he had been there, and had insisted on sitting down to eat with him.

"What am I doing?" Jason muttered to himself, looking over at the house he assumed the party was at. If the blasting music and random teenagers stumbling about was any indication. I need a drink. The thought had come from no where but to say it wasn't true would be a lie. Normally feeling upbeat, if not energetic, this whole 'nervous' thing was new to him. Jason stood outside for a moment, only deciding to go in after spotting Callum walk inside.

The music was deafening. Who ever picked the playlist should be shot, but at least it had a beat to it. Jason looked around and spotted Callum with Charlie. Jason suddenly grinned, any worrying thoughts vanishing from his mind as he snuck up behind Callum, merely putting a finger to his lips in a 'shhh' motion to signal to Charlie to not give him away. Without warning he jumped up and bear hugged his friend, nearly causing them both to fall over. "Callum! Charlie! You guys weren't having too much fun without me, right?" he half-yelled over the music, his wide grin still in place. He knew Callum had just showed up, but he couldn't tell with Charlie. The guy didn't seem all that sober. A cursory glance around the room didn't give him much hope in the area of friends- he didn't recognize most people here. Alex was standing by herself, which wasn't a shock. She seemed to be waiting for someone though, so he decided against calling her over. He suddenly remembered something. "You guys haven't seen Abbie, have you? I was supposed to meet her here."

Almost on cue, Jason spotted a red head sitting by herself on the couch. "Nevermind. I'll talk to you guys later," he said offhandedly before walking over to Abbie. She looked kind of bored, if he was honest. And painfully sober. At that thought, he realized he was too. Why didn't he have a drink yet?

"Hey," Jason said, ungracefully dropping himself on the couch next to Abbie. "You haven't been here long, have you?" he asked, his way of saying 'sorry it took me so long' without actually apologizing.

Even though it was no where near morning, Tyler had a coffee clutched in his hand. As far as he was concerned coffee was good at any time of the day. Though, his sleeping schedule was seriously confusing, and no where near consistent enough to even really be considered a 'schedule'. But it was worth it. Taking another sip from the drink, he nodded to himself. Very worth it.

He was currently heading home. A few blocks away he could faintly hear music, and knew for a fact that there was a huge party going on. Considering the panic that had happened not to long ago with the murder and everything, he was surprised they still wanted to have parties. Okay, maybe not surprised they wanted parties, more surprised they were allowed to have them. As far as he knew every one of those kids were under suspicion, and he would think the police would find it kind of dangerous to let a murderer just hang out in a crowd like that.

Better a crowd than alone with them in an alley, he thought to himself, feeling slightly disturbed after at how dark the thought was. Shaking off the feeling of 'I'm a terrible person' for having the thought, Tyler threw out his now empty coffee cup. He hadn't even remembered finishing it, and now he wished he had more. "I need a coffee intervention," he mumbled, laughing under his breath.