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Snippet #2627097

located in Etheria and the Astral Sea, a part of Pantheon: Whims of the Gods, one of the many universes on RPG.

Etheria and the Astral Sea

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As Fenris spoke Nymeira put her palm to he head. Borne was able to talk the giants into letting them pass but it sounded as if Fenris was negotiating terms of surender. Why would he ever tell the massive giants that they planned on stealing Ulm's adamant? She appreciated his honesty but this was the time for deceit. She put her hands on her sheathed twin adamant swords and readied herself to draw her blades in a moments notice.

"I apologize about my friend here. He's a bit of am idiot normally and he has been hitting the mushrooms hard if you know what I mean. I too like my colege Borne have been sent by the gods to purely observe your adamant and potentially negotiate a trade. There is no trespassing involved since we have been sent as representatives of our masters and would only ever enter your magnificent lands with your permission."

As she spoke she sized her opponents up. The three regular giants were of little concern. There size made them easy to outmaneuver and a good trip could leave them incapacitated. It was te fourth figure that she was worried about. She had never seen a creature like Orest and she had trouble figuring out what the metal giant was until the truth dawned on her. To her horror Orest and her were two of a kind. He was a god made being designed to be the perfect soldier. They both had the same weapons, as far as she could tell the same fighting style, and worst of all they both had the same purpose. The bigest physical difference she noticed was how try were constructed. He was made of metal and flesh while she was composed of ichor and flesh. She wondered what was better. The giant was also different in that he lacked free will. Was that the biggest difference between them? She wondered.

Nymeria was for the most part unfamiliar with fear. She had experienced it before especially in her fight with Belirand but this was different. She was always comforted in knowing she was designed to do what she did. Now she faced another being designed to be a divine champion. The only question that remained was Lycaon or Ulm better at it?

Nymeria knew that fate would ordain that they would be forced to fight and determine who was better but she didn't want to foght him now and with her friends potentially in the crossfire. She hoped he would take he apology and let them go through without expecting any foul play.

Meanwhile far away at the Temple of the Minds Eye a lone travelr wanders on and stumbles to the gods gathered there and anounced that he had found an adamant apple in the woods with the inscription "To te fairest of the gods" inscribed on it. The man then fell dead leaving the apple to the gods themselves to settle.