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located in Seoul, a part of Ataxia, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Seoul


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Character Portrait: Kiyota Mikazuki Character Portrait: Hyun Ji Park Character Portrait: Ivanna "Ivy" Elliot Character Portrait: Suijin Aoimura Character Portrait: Kumiko Takazawa
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Seoul, South Korea | Han River

After his little introduction, Kiyota straightened himself up while waiting for the other girls to properly introduce themselves, too. He couldn't help but wondering why was he the only male vessel around here. It's not like that he minded that much but it makes him a little... stand-off, to say. Despite that, Kiyota couldn't help but having a nagged feelings that he was a rather normal individual, in comparison to the ladies in front of him right then. Though as much as he wanted to see this as a special and intimating reunion, the feeling is nothing different from when he first came across with a Titan years ago - which almost costs him his life. Am I going to put my life on a jeopardy line this time too? Shaking his head at the thought, he shouldn't say that out loud.

Rhea is still squeaking in an exciting way in his mind, though of course, she still retained a certain amount of calmness while acting all motherly-like - as she said. Apparently she was really thrilled to have met her siblings again after such a long time that Kiyota couldn't possibly think of because it is way beyond human comprehension.

Then, just moments after that, another Titan's vessel appeared, startled Kiyota once again. Turning his back to face the Titan known as Oceanus, Kiyota couldn't help but raised an eyebrow on how... special this person was. The Titan's vessel is just a normal girl like the other three girls around him right here, but what intrigued him was how eager she was to use her powers openly in the middle of the public like this. While it's true that his own power did get a little haywire earlier, there's nothing to worried as it's only a few rock. But luckily that at that moment, there weren't many people rather than them.

The girl then went on introducing herself, but the way she talked is quite informal, despite them meeting for the first time ever - as vessels, apparently. Looks like she's also a Japanese whose name was Suijin Aoimura, though it is correct that she's indeed the one who harbored Oceanus. And more than that, maybe she was acknowledging them as the Titans, rather than by their humans' identities. Kiyota could felt a strong presence of the Titan within the girl, which is completely different from him. It almost feels as if he was facing with the Titan himself but not the girl. Kind of a mind blow, isn't it?

After the arrival of Suijin and her introduction, the other girls also began to introduce themselves. The first one to do so was the girl whom he first encountered known as Hyun Ji Park and the vessel of Mnemosyne, as Rhea told Kiyota so. He doesn't really know how to feel about her. She doesn't seem to stand out and it looks like she's as normal as himself. Hyun looked quite a studious girl herself. That's all he could really figure out at the moment.

The next girl acknowledged herself as Kumiko Takazawa, whose name made Kiyota raises an eyebrow at. Her name and her accent proved that she's also a Japanese, like him and Suijin, and her Titan is Hyperion. Now taking a better look at Kumiko, Kiyota finally saw that she is somewhat familiar. Maybe he's seen her on some posters or something. And from the way she talked to them, apparently she's quite a friendly girl who can get along with just about anyone, despite being someone who can be considered as... famous? Nonetheless, it seems Kumiko was quite interesting than she looked. Though whether Kiyota is able to build up enough interests to get to know her more or not is beyond him.

And then, it comes to the last person, who introduced herself as Ivanna Elliot, though her nickname is Ivy with the fact that she's the vessel of the Titan of Tethys. Different from Kumiko and Suijin, it seems that this girl was quite picky and careful with her words, as if she's fearing that something will go wrong if her words didn't go as the way she intended. A little bit too cautious for everyone's sakes, isn't she?

But Kiyota couldn't care less. The way she reacted is understandable upon meeting the people whom you have never met before, but in reality, they did have strong connections with you, whether if you like it or not. Kiyota has learnt to live with it now and it's not like that he's complaining about anything.

When the introductions are done, they all fell silent for a brief moment. Apparently everyone is still questioning on how to react and what to say now that some of the ones whom they're supposed to look for are standing in front of them. Kiyota was intending to speak something in his mind, but before he could, Ivanna spoke up again and stated about what is known as the 'matter at hands' as everyone knows it, and asked which sides did they all stand for while stating her own point of view.

This is one thing that Kiyota never even wanted just to think of, not to mention discussing about it. But now that he's met some of his fellow vessels again, he knows he couldn't elude it again even if he didn't want to. Luckily that after his effort to hold the Titan down, Rhea has stayed quiet for now.

"Since Suijin-san here did show us what she's capable of, I think I should explain about my capabilities too." After looking around to check if there was anyone else watching, Kiyota raised his hand as some of the rocks around him began to float as if they are weightless, "I have power to manipulate gravity. Similar to telekinesis, I can move objects to my liking, ranges from something as light as these rocks to those that heavier such as a large metal bar. It really did save my life once. Though sometimes it did go out of control a bit like what has happened earlier."

Then, Kiyota flipped as they all fell down and lay on the ground again. Taking a deep breath, he fixed his scarf a bit before started to speak up, "I know that sooner or later, I will have to take this matter into consideration. No matter what my so-called Titaness always nagged me about, I have my own will and I never allowed her to manipulate me to do as her liking. While it is true that I'm also a vessel like you all, the decisions that I've made are solely mine. Unlike some of you, I don't often communicate with my Titaness. Which is why, I can say with certainty that destruction is something that doesn't exist in my dictionary."

Setting his gaze somewhere else, he continued, "I wouldn't say that I have the happiest of a past, living as a person. I couldn't defend humanity for what they've done for this planet either. But in my opinion, I don't agree that total annihilation is a wise solution for everything. The weight of a life is way heavier than that and it shouldn't be treated like some sort of trash to be dispose of. Like you, I didn't have a clear decision of which sides to stand just yet, but I most certainly will never kill a single living human as long as I live. That is my ideal."

Looking at his watch, Kiyota then spoke up, "As much as I want to keep the conversation going with you ladies, and enjoy this 'happy reunion' between the Titans, I still had a college to attend. So I have to take my leave for now. If what is known as 'fate' has decided, we will come across again."

Turning his back, Kiyota then walked away from the other girls and heading off to the bus station. While sitting on a bus that took him back to his university, he couldn't help but wonder if he will meet them again soon.