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Snippet #2627291

located in Mountain Brook, a part of Fresh Poison, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mountain Brook



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Character Portrait: Abbie Stone Character Portrait: Reagan Hughes Character Portrait: Alexandria "Geo" Allen Character Portrait: Alissa Blackburn Character Portrait: Callum Watson Character Portrait: Jason Reide Character Portrait: Charles Wilkins
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As Charlie closed in on Callum, Jason popped up, and who was he to deny him the fun of scaring the royal shit out of Callum? So, he nodded to the, rather sad conformation, that Callum hadn't brought anything to drink to not give anything away as Jason pounced on Callum. His pocket viberated as his outdated, cracked 'smart' phone vibrated in his pocket. Flipping it out, he read Ally's newest text, 'Oh, Oh, Oh! You wish love. If I was addicted you would actually be able to see a naked guy that wasn't a total creeper. :P'

Snapping his head up to Jason who asked them about fun, Charlie gave a thumbs up with a large smile, "Got drinkage on the way," of course, he wasn't paying for it. He was what they called, 'broke as shit'. He didn't even sleep on a bed, instead, he slept on a reclining chair in the living room with a blanket and a pillow because his bed, which was incredibly old, almost older then he was, had broke a year and a half ago, roughly speaking, and getting a new mattress was out of the question on their budget.

Abby? Who was Abby? Charlie blinked a few times trying to recall that name, he was sure he had heard that name before, but it wasn't ringing any bells. Before he could ask who that was, Jason took off and headed over to a red-head on the couch. Charlie tilted his head watching her until it clicked, Jason's girlyfriend! Right, right, he could swear he went through this song and dance every time he heard her name. He really needed a way to remember the red head. Charlie rubbed his chin with his thumb, felling the short hairs trickling across his thumb before shooting back into position. Oh well, he would figure it out later, blue suited her though. She looked good.

His attention was snapped up by a new arrival, "Rea!" Happy to see a friend that he can do some serious drinking with. What point was there in going to a party if someone wasn't planning on getting absolutely wrecked? Well, getting laid was always there, but that was a subject he was going to avoid for the time... being. But ouch did Rea cut to the bone. He did not...

Of course, right after she said that, Ally came in and handed him the glorious paper bag containing the holy drinkage, "Will try," Charlie replied, really, he would. Odds are, he wouldn't be able to work his phone later on, so he may have to be carried out.. but that was a problem for later. Opening the brown bag, he glanced in at the large bottle filled with the dark liquid, "I love you Ally!" He called after her as she headed over to Alexandria.... Weird, he didn't think she would just hand him the drink and walk off... Well, they could hang out later.

Lifting the bottle of Kraken rum from the bag, he held it up to Rea, "Whelps, looks like I got your fix. To the kitchen!" Charlie said already excited for the night ahead as he lifted the bottle higher as if he was a knight preparing for the charge as he, once more, shoved and plowed his way through the crowd. He didn't check behind him to see if Callum would join them, or even if Rea was coming, but either way, he was going to get his drink.

Entering the kitchen, he moved to the fridge hoping, against hope, that they had decent mixers in there. Kraken wasn't really a rum that was shot, although, he supposed they could... but it was better as a mixer to cut down on some of the sweetness it had. Pulling it open, he crouched and scanned the shelves listing off the drinks as he saw them in his mind: Ginger Ale, Pepsi, gross.... Sierra Mist? Really?

"Balls," Charlie said with a defeated sigh, there was a distinct lack of Dr. Pepper or even Coke... if they had kool-aid, there were a few flavors that went well... Looking up to the counter, he spotted an unopened box of Coke, seems like someone brought it with them, and, well, Charlie was going to take some of their soda whether they liked it or not. If they whined, he would just offer to make them a drink. Everyone won.

Leaning over, bracing his free hand on the ground to keep his balance, he pulled the box off the counter and slid it into the fridge so the drinks would stay cold. Tearing open the box, he pulled out three cans and set them on the counter, "So, who is drinking?" Charlie asked as he grabbed a stack of red plastic cups and looked around the kitchen.