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Jayde looked up in surprise when a small group of supernatural entered their holding area- she would have thought that they were going to wait until tomorrow to start to engage with her group. Her surprise turned into confusion when one of them- a women with short hair and an abundance of tattoos over her arms- stepped out of the loose band of 'monsters' and went over to stand in front of her (well, as much as she could, considering there were long metal bars, and a good 6 feet of space between them). The woman looked her up and down and said confidently, “You look like you could be fun." What could the strange woman mean by that? However Jayde's befuddlement only grew as the woman (who had no visible supernatural characteristics) continued to convey her apparent interest in Jayde by adding "Fancy a romp out on the night?”

Jayde blushed slightly, both embarrassed by her being singled out, and the strange words coming out of the supernaturals mouth. Nonetheless, she knew she couldn't let anyone (including the person in front of her) know that she felt anything but distaste for the situation she was in. She cocked her head, and willed away her blush, responding with, "And what the hell do you mean by that? I'm not your toy, or something, and I'm not going to be fun." Jayde put as much contempt and loathing into the words as she could possibly muster, but realized that she might have stretched it a bit too far. Oh well. Too late to change her words now.

Gaia pursed her lips, "Ooo, touchy, touchy." She smiled then, all gums and teeth, an endearing goofiness that seemed out of character to Jayde. "It's gonna be a long 6 months, doll. You can either make it miserable or tolerable. I think you'll come to find that I'm not as bad as you're led to believe." Jayde simply shook her head, opting to not say anything. She still didn't know quite what the women was talking about, but decided to not make a fool of herself again by being too aggressive.