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A bit disappointed at having been ignored, Adelaide turned her head to follow him with a pout. Ignored or not she made it her business to know what he was up to. Adele stepped besides him pink orbs looking at him from the corner of her eyes. "Back to my hotel room, where else?" For once Adelaide didn't respond she merely nodded her head. "I hate these kinds of... things." She quirked an eyebrow at his words. At first Adelaide wasn't sure whether to take offense of his words or to brush them off but it seemed the latter was far more likely by what Rezu said next. "I got dragged here by a friend; no offense to you or your troupe, I just hate noisy places. I'd probably appreciate the show with less people." The young woman thought of the idea of being dragged to some place you cared naught for by a friend. She had never experienced that before as she had no friends, at least not the sort of friends that Rezu would have. Those who would be were more like family than anything else.

"None taken sweetheart." Raising her hands as a show of peace. "Well there are always chances for a private show but you don't seem the type to bother." The corners of her lips pulled up into a little bit of a smile as she danced around him before taking a spot by his side again. Folding her hands behind her back, Adelaide looked around at the crowds. While Rezu fixed up his appearance Adele took head of the side long glances she received. It wasn't that unusual really to be stared at because of her choice in attire. If anything Adelaide looked to be enjoying the attention, basking in it even. "Don't tell me you actually agreed with the shit I was spewing just earlier?" Pink locked onto blue-green if only for a moment. She thought about what he said now and the speech he had given not too long ago. "Well not all of it per say. My entire family is human," She waved her arms around her to empathize that her family was the entirety of the troupe. "and as such I've no desire to see them killed off because one kid didn't have the same . . . experiences as I did." Adelaide shrugged her shoulders in a brisk manner.

It was then that a voice in her head spoke up. As usual Cronos chose the wrong moment to speak his mind. Although she was in the company of a her "brethren" and the public she made a face as she mocked the Titan that resided within her. "I don't even remember half what I said. I just know that death is usually a bad thing, and killing as a conscious act rather than as a necessary means of survival is even worse." Putting out the words of blasphemy spewing from the big guy, Adelaide gave him a look. She snorted at his words, realizing all those stereotypes her family told her regarding pretty boys were true. They really were idiots. By her standards that is.

Suddenly a figured stepped right in front of them or Rezu really. Adelaide felt her stomach churn but in a way that wasn't really bad. OH! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was… going…” Looking at the girl, Adele could tell she wasn't far from her own age possibly younger even. Before she could analyze the feeling in her stomach the girl spoke again, this time in an irritating chirpy voice. “Hey, you’re that dancer from earlier!” The dancer waved at the girl, forcing a smile on her face. While she loved being recognized that high voice ruined her potentially good mood. “You dance beautifully!” At this Adelaide perked up a little. Throwing her hair over her shoulder, a smirk settled on her features. “Of course I did sweetheart. Why else would they allow me to dance?” She stood up straighter with a hint of pride in the way she held herself. It wasn’t everyday she got complemented by outsiders since she was often whisked away to some other secluded part of the circus.

Adelaide watched the girl for more complements however she felt that tug and churn of her stomach again instead. This feeling. It can’t be. The dancer was quite to take on a weary demeanor as shown by her leaning back slightly. She could hear Cronos chanting somewhere inside her of finding his sister but he decided not to tell her which one. “Time has set us free.” A chill ran down Adelaide's spine. It was the first time she had ever felt such a particular feeling and she most certainly didn’t like it. The girl’s entire demeanor darkened when she spoke. “Adelaide… keeper of my brother, Cronos.” She blinked unsure as to how the girl was able to speak her name. The dancer didn’t recall ever giving it to her and it wasn’t written anywhere in the circus grounds where a passerby could see. Adelaide took note of the warm smile on the girls lips at least she didn’t seem like she was angry or anything. Of course looks could be deceiving as shown by Chester. “Rezu Sonova. I have not seen who you keep of my family.” Adelaide wasn’t sure what she meant by seen but it was more clue as to which Titan she housed within her.

“You have had a fight with the others?” Again the girl spoke as if she was there but then again had she been there she’d know why they had fought. “What have they done now?” Adelaide shrugged her shoulders as she leaned forwards at her waist. With the way Cronos was acting Adele was cautious. If he was so happy to see this girl it probably wasn’t a good thing for her or Rezu. “Well . . . I’d think you’d know that too seeing as you know just about everything else but I guess not. I’d say the damn matter doesn’t concern you but it does. Whether you’re with us or not I’ve no idea but I for one have no damn intentions of murdering the entire human race.” She spoke calmly yet at various points it seemed tad condescending. The young woman wasn’t one to speak such words since she enjoyed talking but Cronos’s behaviour told her otherwise. Having said that a light trickle of blood rolled down her nose and unto her lips.
Adelaide tilted her head to the side unsure as to what she should do. She’d offer a napkin but she had none and she didn’t know this girl. Then the girl smiled. It was a little unsettling.

“Where are my manners? This form is Haiku... I am Phoebe.” She nodded her head as she racked her brain for information of the Titaness Phoebe. If she remembered correctly the damn Titan was one who could see into the future, someone with a penchant for prophecy. So that’s how she knew our fucking names yet wasn’t aware of what we had fought about. She’ll be a tricky gal to deal with depending on whose side she’s on. Considering Phoebe had control of this Haiku girl, it was unlikely that she’d be with the humans. The poor girl didn’t seem to have any control of her body at the moment. A look of pity glinted in those pink hues of hers but it was gone as she spoke. “So that’s how you knew our fucking names. You already know I’ve got lovely little Cronos but I’ll leave it to Rezu to tell you who he gots.” Standing up straighter, Adelaide was curious about this Titan.