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located in Laurea, New York, a part of Laurel, one of the many universes on RPG.

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The idea of this connection between Lucas and Aimee brought a slight smile to his face. For some reason, it sounded so comforting and calming to have someone who could knew everything about you, and who you knew everything about as well. Someone who wouldn’t judge, because they truly understand. Someone who didn’t need any words to know how you felt or what you wanted. It must be… easy. It must feel like home. And although he still really wanted to know what had brought Aimee to such a state, she seemed really grateful to Lucas, whatever he had done, so that… that was good. Lucas still hadn’t said a word since the revealing his power to him, and Anthony wondered if he should do the same, but well, he probably already knew. Besides, he was sure Lucas wouldn’t be scared or push him away. If the two boys, complete strangers, had one thing in common, it probably was both of them had had their share of judgement because of their abilities.

When his name was called again, Carr came closer to the bed were Aimee sat. She was speaking quietly, and in a way he wasn’t accustomed to. He sat down on the edge of the bed, keeping some distance, both to hear her better and to alleviate the pain in his limbs. Once she finished the stuttered sentence, he felt glad that he had. Not only had an enormous amount of information been thrown at him, he couldn’t really put together what Aimee had just told him. Lane…? He had always thought Lane and Aimee had little to no connection at all. Not even friends. How had they… Besides, it’s not like they hadn’t talked about things like this before. As much as Carr felt weird talking about sexuality or imagining his friends were involved in any sexual activities, ever, as a boy who had dealt with a lot of doubt about his own sexuality, there’s no way this wasn’t brought up with his best friend. But Aimee… She had never seemed confused. Quite the opposite actually, she was the one who helped Anthony figure out a lot of things. And then, somehow, in his sensitive, overprotective mind, Carr made a connection probably only he would have done, and his expression shifted from a befuddled paralysis to a strangely worried, tormented gaze.

”What was this fight about?” The tone wasn’t really the one most common in his voice. ”Aimee, you were having a bad day and… Aimee, did she take advantage of you? Cause I’ll go talk to her right now. If she did anything at all to hurt you I…"

As soon as the thought entered his mind, he shook it off, realizing how presumptuous he must sound. It was a serious threat, what he was about to say, one he expected he never would, so he told himself to stop assuming things, as he apparently had been doing a lot today. He didn’t know anything about it. It wasn’t his call. He ran a hand nervously through his head and stood up, unable to keep still.

”I'm sorry. I got carried away. Wow, this was weird, I’m really sorry. I’m just… surprised. I mean, I would never have thought… Why didn’t you tell me? I mean, it’s okay, but you know I would’ve understood. As he spoke the last word, he felt a harsh sting as the loud sound of the bell echoed in his head. Oh, God. This hangover, and Gym. Perfect. He looked at both Aimee and Lucas, with a frustrated look on his eyes, as if asking for help. ”Well, I better go… My room is unlocked. You know were I keep the hidden goods. Just don’t eat my peanut butter.”

With a deep sight and an insincere smile, he started to leave the room. Damn his consciousness. Damn school. He really, really wanted that peanut butter.