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Snippet #2628551

located in Bamboo Forest of the Lost, a part of Denouement of a Fantasy Era, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bamboo Forest of the Lost

Don't get lost. In fact, don't get close.


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Character Portrait: Fujiwara no Mokou Character Portrait: Marran Yanada
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"I personally would not judge a persons humanity on such things."

Mokou watched as Marran displayed his own form of sand sorcery. Interesting, so he wasn't as helpless as she thought. No matter. These forests were merciless. Even if you were able to fend for yourself against the dangerous youkai wandering here one would no doubt die from exhaustion or starvation before they manage to find their way out of the bamboo forest.

Mokou shrugged. "I guess in a place like this you'd expect humans to have some sort of knowledge of magic. You'll get a lot of that around here." She turned away from him and stared into the dense forest. "Though we have to get moving. The evening is drawing to a close and we don't want to stay out after nightfall. We're already very close to my home so it won't be long before-...."

Mokou stopped mid sentence as she sensed movement behind her. It couldn't be. Before she knew it, a dark figure had lunged out of the darkness towards Marran who had his back turned. Without any sort of warning Mokou threw out her hand and the small ball of flame that was still resting in the center of her palm exploded into a pillar of fire which she aimed straight at the creature that had jumped out at Marran. Her flames barely missed the top of his head as their attacker was incinerated in mid jump right above Marran.

"Tch...." Mokou was confused. Right before the creature had been blown away by her attack she caught a glimpse of what it was. It wasn't even a youkai that had attacked them. It was a normal wolf who had tried to make a meal out of her companion. Mokou knew that the animals here were aggressive but even then none had dared to attack her so randomly. Her eyes shifted to another movement to her right. Again? This time Mokou took action before anything could jump out and sent another blazing inferno into the forest. A loud cry of pain shot out but was instantly cut short as another wolf fell victim to Mokou's flames. What was going on here? One she could understand, but another attacking right after?

"We have to keep moving. There's something wrong with this picture. Stay close."

And with that, Mokou took off running as fast as she could into the forest towards their destination. Well.... As fast as her clothing would allow her to. Again she cursed the restricting kimono she wore. Under normal circumstances she would have simply stayed to kill anything that jumped out at them from the darkness but this time was different. She had no clue what possessed these two to attack but whatever it was, she didn't want to take any chances with Marran here.