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located in Oceanside, a part of Oceanside Orphanage, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Dialogue Color: #FF34B3|| Nickname: Bee || Location: Dining Room

Isabella woke up early as usual. Her hair was tied back in a french braid with little pieces that escaped throughout the night sticking out. She crawled out of her bed quietly and walked over to the bathroom trying to faded in with the shadows that the early morning sung hadn't taken away yet. Once in the bathroom Bee took out the braid letting her long chocolate hair breathe. She very rarely wore her hair down in front of anyone. As she undressed to shower thoughts of the nightmares she's been having reemerged from the back of her mind. She never told anyone why she was really in the orphanage. As she delicately washed over her olive colored body with strawberry body wash she took deep strong breaths trying to calm her nerves. After about fifteen minutes Isabella decided she better get out of the shower before someone wakes up. She wrapped herself in a white fluffy towel and tip toed back into her "Bedroom". Once in the sanctuary of the four small walls she let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding in.

After drying off and getting dressed Isabella looked at the time. "It's already Eight'O'Clock." She gasped and looked in the mirror. Her long chocolate hair fell wavily down her face. She decided not to waste any more time and left it down. She prayed this wouldn't cause unwanted attention. As she walked down the stairs to the dining room she held her head up high and smiled politely at anyone who looked at her. Her footsteps were light but felt so heave to her. As she got closer to the dining room butterflies stormed her stomach. She walked in slowly and sat down at the farthest table. She grabbed a book from one of the tall book shelves and started to read it paying no attention to the other orphans. Hm Maybe this is why no one approached her.