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located in Oceanside, a part of Oceanside Orphanage, one of the many universes on RPG.




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ImageDiamond got out of the car, biting her bottom lip a little nervously as she looked up at the building in front of her. "It'll be alright, Diamond." Her social worker says, her voice a little too chipper for Diamond's liking. "You'll really like it here." She continued, opening the trunk of the car. Diamond huffed quietly, grabbing her luggage out of the trunk. At least she was able to keep some of her belongings, she couldn't imagine having to wear some of the cheap clothes she'd seen other kids at her school wearing. She grabbed out two of the five, light pink, Louis Vuitton suitcases. The case worker opened her mouth as if to say something, but closed it once more, shaking her head slightly. The woman had tried to get Diamond to limit her wardrobe to one bag, two at the most, but Diamond wasn't having any of that, she can throw pretty impressive tantrums when she has to. "I-I'm not sure there will be enough room for all your luggage dear." The social worker said cautiously as she grabbed two more of the bags.

Diamond looked at the worker like she was crazy, "There's hardly anything here." She argued, and to her there wasn't, considering she'd had two rather large walk in closets before all of this. The social worker sighed, shaking her head once more before leading the way to the front door of the orphanage. A few moments later, the door was opened by a rather pretty middle aged woman with long brunette hair. "Oh, you must be Diamond." She said, giving Diamond a kind smile. "I'm Heidi, welcome to Oceanside." She said as Diamond and the social worker walked into the entryway of the building. Diamond didn't say anything, her eyes quickly scanning her surroundings as the woman, Heidi, talked to her social worker. When Heidi turned back to Diamond, the social worker went to retrieve Diamond's last piece of luggage out of the car for her.

Heidi gave Diamond a quick tour of the orphanage, when they got to the girls' room, Diamond's eyes widened, finding out she'd be sharing a room with at least six other girls. "Wait, you're serious?" She asked in disbelief, seeing all the beds in the room, some with girls still sleeping in them, a sinking feeling settling into the pit of her stomach. Heidi didn't comment Imageon Diamond's disbelief, knowing all about the girl's entitled life, who her parents had been, she'd actually been a fan of Diamond's mother. "Just set your bags by your bed and I'll take you to the dinning area so you can meet some of the other kids." Heidi said, giving her a kind smile. Diamond sighed, walking over to an empty bed and setting her bags on top of it.

Heidi then led Diamond to the dinning area, where she saw three girls and two guys. "Good morning guys." Heidi said to the orphans already gathered. "I'd like you to meet Diamond. I'm sure you'll make her feel welcome." She said, giving Diamond a reassuring smile. Diamond glanced at the four occupied table, one with two girls, the two guys were sitting at separate tables, and there was another girl sitting by herself reading a book. "If you need anything I'm sure Jessica wouldn't mind helping you out." Heidi added, nodding her head in Jessica's direction, showing Diamond which of the girls she was referring to. "A-alright," She stammered slightly, feeling very overwhelmed by everything.

Heidi turned and walked away, leaving Diamond with the others. Her hand immediately went to the gold, heart shaped locket around her neck, fiddling with it nervously, glancing around the room once more before slowly making her way over to the table with the two girls. "Hi," She said a little lamely, glancing between the two. Normally, Diamond was anything but shy, but after everything that's happened these past two weeks, she kind of feels like she's been tossed into the ocean, getting tossed around by the waves, and she doesn't like it one bit, feeling rather disoriented. On some level she still hopes that this is all just a bad dream, one that she'll wake up from very, very soon.