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located in Oceanside, a part of Oceanside Orphanage, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Dialogue Colour |>| #EB173A |*| Location |>| Dining Room

Another night reliving the moment she was told that her mother had taken her own life. Another night remembering how it felt to finally be alone and lose both parents. Three hours of interrupted sleep would quickly take it's toll on Lucy today. Rolling over onto her side, Lucy moaned gently under her breath. Was it really worth getting up? It was a Saturday. That meant no schooling, no homework and she had no plans in the social world whatsoever. But, the other orphans wouldn't let her sleep in - either by keeping her awake with their noise or by trying to be 'supportive' and encouraging her to get out of bed. It was easier just to drag herself out from under her covers, momentarily lingering on the annoying fact that she had unfitted her bedsheets during her night terrors. Great. She hated having to try and stretch those things back over the corners of her mattress.

Lucy padded barefoot over to her vanity desk, plonked herself down on the plush vintage style chair and stared at her red rimmed eyes and bed messed hair in the mirror. What a mission. She quickly set about taming her blonde curls and pinning them away from her face, secured with a wide alice band. Once that was done, she applied just a touch of make up to remove the drowsiness from her eyes and changed into a white blouse, sky blue cardigan and navy skinny jeans. That should be enough for them, right?

Deciding she was dressed enough, Lucy made her way into the dining room kitchen where the other orphans were already awake and eating. "Morning..." she mumbled, waving absent mindedly at the table of orphans. What sad life we all have... She helped herself to a bowl of cereal and cold milk then perched on the edge of the kitchen counter, checking her Facebook on her phone. She preferred to keep herself to herself most days, but there were always those who wanted to converse at this ungodly hour. Who was awake so far? There was Isabella, Nikolai, Nate and the cute Fitz sisters. The quiet one, Amber, was classically beautiful Lucy thought. But, Jessica? She was something else. Since she got here, Lucy couldn't help the occasional 'oggle' at the more talkative sister.

But, she was not in the mood for flirting this morning and as the two girls were already in conversation, Lucy sipped coffee in between bites of cereal, and moved from checking her Facebook on her mobile to scrolling through her Tumblr. Just a tad gadget happy. As she did, Heidi entered the room followed by a social worker and a rather preppy looking posh girl. Huh...she looked like a brat. Not normally someone that Lucy made an effort to speak to, but if the girl came to here it wouldn't be an issue. Lucy could play polite.