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It was the blue haired girl, Ivanna was her name, that brought to their attention why the titans were inside them in the first place. It was a hard reality for Kumiko, and often with Hyperion’s kind demeanor she forgot that the god inside her sought for the end all of humanity as a species. But because she had doubted ever encountering the other vessels whenever Hyperion had brought up his mission she had always tried to brush it off and give halfhearted commitment. She could feel Hyperion stirring inside of her, his euphoria over the fact his siblings had gathered, that they were already speaking of human annihilation. It was an excitement she could not say she shared.

It was only once Ivy announced that she was still undecided did the knot in her gut loosen ever so slightly, at least she wasn’t the only one on the fence over the titan mission. There wasn’t much hope, considering she said she was leaning towards the titan side, but hesitance was all Kumiko needed as confirmation that she was not abnormal for being unsure of her stance. “I cannot believe that girl even has any hesitance towards the cause.” Hyperion quipped in the back of her mind, and it made her nervous about admitting her own reluctance.

The Japanese boy was the next to voice his opinion after Ivy, and unfortunately he did not restate his name. He did, however; give them a small demonstration of his power. It was cool, and he seemed much more powerful than Kumiko. His ability to change the gravity around him was quite simply astounding, the rocks that hovered around him probably had no gravity acting on them at all, and that was amazing. She couldn’t keep the amazed smile off her face as he showed them his power. It could really be used to deal damage in large quantities, and possibly genocidal.

She was caught off guard when the boy then completely rejected the goal of the titans, and Kumiko could physically feel Hyperion inside her recoil at the statement, and even as the boy went away she couldn’t find it in herself to move. Hyperion was constricting himself around her mind in his anger at the boy, it actually hurt to do anything other then stand still, but he quickly regained himself. The experience did nothing more than frighten her into revealing her reluctance to join the titan cause, and Hyperion only encouraged her to voice that she was for the titan cause, as if it might influence the others to stay true to the titan cause. She cleared her throat, changing the topic instead to what they boy had mentioned earlier.

“Um, Hyperion is the titan of light, but his abilities deal more with fire… I can’t really do anything with actual fire though, and I tend to just run a high temperature, but I can do this!”
The blonde girl took a deep breath, enjoying the feeling on her expanding lungs before she exhaled through her nose. As she did, plumes of smoke exited her nose, falling around her in lazy clumps and coating the ground around them in something that resembled fog. When the girl finished she bent down and ran her fingers through the thick smoke, it broke apart at the disturbance and reformed to create a few smokey rabbits. The little creatures seemed to come to life, darting around the small group with actions that appeared they had their own consciousness. The defied logic though, and were able to hop into the air and around them without need for solid ground, hovering and floating. The blonde girl smiled, pleased that her practice had paid off before she dissipated the little creatures. “That’s all I can do though… I also am unsure about my allegiance.”

She could feel Hyperion’s shock rock her body, and it quickly turned to anger, and then betrayal. She felt guilty, of course, the titan had be crucial to her survival since birth, but she could not just give up on humanity because of that. The titan inside of her was angry now, but surely after some time they could talk through it, Hyperion had always been reasonable and understanding, she was confident in that.