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located in Oceanside, a part of Oceanside Orphanage, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Dialogue Color: #00ff66 || Location: Dining Room

Jessica looked up at Heidi when she entered the dining room with a newcomer. The girl looked extremely bratty but Jessica knew she would have to deal with it. Since she was one of the most friendly people at Oceanside, she was always the person Heidi went to to show the newcomers around. Which she didn't really mind having the responsibility, she just wished Heidi would beImageable to trust some of the others with it as well. Of course that would be far from ever happening because of the way some of the others were, but she always had that small bit of hope in her.

Jessica glanced over at Diamond when she finally stepped over to the table. Though just before she had the chance to respond to her, "Hi," Lena walked over and beat her to the punch, introducing everyone who was already at the table. And once again, she wasn't able to speak when Grace approached the table. She didn't really mind the two of them speaking to Diamond first, but Jessica just wished she could at least get a word in.

Finally after sitting there for a couple moments in silence, she was able to speak. "I know how tough it can be getting used to this place. But you'll get used to it whether you want to or not. After breakfast I can show you around if you'd like, or if you'd rather explore by yourself that's always fine too," Jessica stated before sipping from her juice pouch once again.

After waiting on hearing Diamond's answer, she turned to all of the girls at the table, including Diamond and spoke up once more, "I was wondering if you guys wanted to tag along to my performance I have tonight. It's going to be at the park, I'm hoping to have at least one person there to support me. Of course if you all are busy, I understand. Another performance by myself won't kill me."Image
Deep down Jessica was a bit nervous asking Grace, Lena, and Diamond to attend her performance, especially Diamond since she doesn't really know her. But she figured that maybe it would be nice for Diamond to some how feel included. Of course if she made it completely obvious she wanted to be left alone, Jessica would do just that because she never wanted to make someone feel uncomfortable.

At that moment, she noticed that Nate was glancing over at the table where the five of them were sitting. He was staring at Diamond like he had a purpose of pursuing her. The brunette sighed and rolled her eyes before looking over at Diamond as if to warn her in case Nate was someone she didn't want to deal with. "Not trying to cut into your personal business, but just wanted to warn you about that guy over there," she pointed over at Nate. "His name is Nate, he's the player here at Oceanside. He looks interested in you. So just wanted to warn you in case he was someone you didn't want to deal with. If it's that case, I'd tread lightly if I were you."

After warning Diamond, she glanced back over at Nate, finding that he noticed what she was doing. Nate looked over at her with an unpleasant look, but honestly she didn't care. At least she warned the girl about him. If she wanted to be around him after that, it was on her, at least Jessica warned her.

Dialogue Color: #ff0044 || Location: Dining Room

The second Heidi stepped into the dining room with little Miss Princess standing beside her, she immediately knew she wasn't going to like her. Just by the way she dressed and held herself she could tell that Diamond seemed to care about nothing but herself. Those were the kind of girls she always wanted to keep away from. The drama just wasn't worth it.ImageWhen Diamond made her way over to the table and gave her, "Hi," the girl waved her hand at her and rose to her feet just when Lena made her way over and introduced everyone. The table was beginning to get too crowded, she never really liked being around so many people. Though the moment Grace made her presence, she knew it was more than time for her to get up and leave before she had one of her silent episodes.

With the tray in her hands, Amber walked away from the table and dropped her trash in the trashcan before setting the tray on top of the trashcan and walked out of the dining room as she slid the headphones back over her ears. Amber heard about a dance competition that was going to happen later today and hoped that she would be able to attend, to at least watch the dancers. She was far from ready to be the center of attention, it would probably just make her have a breakdown. But then again, almost everything makes her break down these days.

The very moment she was out of sight from all of the other orphans and the staff, she started dancing down the hallway and made her way outside by the water. This was her favorite place to dance and just cut loose, be herself again. Of course if anyone caught her dancing, she probably would find a different place but as of right now, this was the perfect spot. Amber always came out here when everyone was at meals or busy doing homework so she would have the time to be alone.
As she was dancing, she noticed drawings in the sand, she crouched down in order to get a better look at them and noticed it was clothing doodles. Lena must have been out here earlier. But then again that was never surprising. Ever since she met Lena, she knew that she came out here every morning to have her alone time as well. Thankfully the two of them have never crossed paths while they just wanted to be alone.

Amber sighed as she stood back up and started dancing again. She hoped that she would be able to be comfortable around crowds again, but ever since her father ruined the rest of her life, she couldn't seem to be the center of attention again. The entire town knew about what happened. At least the ones who paid attention to the news and were old enough to understand what happened. If she is able to collect herself and be in public again without worrying about being judged, she would be able to get up in front of crowds and dance again.

The brunette heard that one of the orphans was entering the competition, but she wasn't exactly sure who it was. Maybe she'd find out if she is brave enough to step out of the orphanage to attend this competition. Which she would honestly doubt since she isn't even comfortable being with her own sister in public yet. But, things could always change, right?