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located in Oceanside, a part of Oceanside Orphanage, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Dialogue Color: Sea Green || Location: Dining Room

Nate smirked when he noticed Isabella step into the dining room. She was one of the few girls he hadn't spoken to yet. So maybe it was time to make himself known to her. So that was exactly what he was going to do. He stood to his feet and made his way over towards her and sat down at the table across from her. "Sorry to interrupt, it looks like you're quite enjoying that book. ButImagejust figured I mind as well give you some company since no one else seemed interested in doing so." At that moment, everyone in the dining room was interrupted by Heidi, introducing a new girl to the ever growing family of unfortunate kids. He was honestly shocked there hasn't been incredibly young kids here in a while. Which he didn't really mind. Kids were highly annoying and always seemed to get into things they shouldn't.

The moment Nate landed his eyes upon the newcomer, he sent a wicked smirk her way. Whether she noticed the smirk or not was a different matter all together, but he just couldn't help himself. She was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. But of course, the second he heard that Jessica was going to be the one basically mentoring her for the next couple days he sighed. Every time a girl came to the orphanage, Jessica warned them about him. Most of the time it worked, though some of them still didn't seem to care. Nate just hoped Diamond was going to be one of those girls.

When Heidi walked out and Diamond approached the table with Jessica and her technical mute sister, he sighed and returned his attention back to Isabella who still hadn't seemed to have said a word to him. "So, what's the book about?" he questioned, once again trying to strike up conversation.
Nate noticed that her hair was down, something that didn't happen very often and it just made Isabella look so much more beautiful than he originally thought she was. Times like this he wished he had spoken to her sooner instead of hoping that one of these days Jessica would give in. But he knew that was a lost cause. The other girls, they were a bit difficult as well. He would have to feel them out and figure out how to get into their vulnerabilities, which was going to take some time. But of course, if he wanted the girl hard enough, he would work hard until they finally just give in. Some times taking a break from them in the long run if needed and focusing his attention on a different girl.

Nate knew that once he was around Nikolai, he would give Nate his daily lecture about waiting until marriage, and blah, blah, blah. He just wished that Nikolai would understand he isn't like him. Nik can lecture him all he wants, nothing he says will ever settle in Nate's brain. It hasn't so far, so what makes the guy believe it ever would.

Nate could sense that Jessica was beginning the warning lecture with Diamond. Which he was spot on about. He glanced over at the girl's table for a quick second and noticed Jessica pointing over towards him. He gave her a disgusted look before looking back over at Isabella, hoping that she would at least say something.

Dialogue Color: Purple || Location: Dining Room

Nikolai was met by Zachary in the dining room just as Heidi stepped in with a new girl. He shook his head, immediately feeling pity for the girl. He knew that Nate was going to go after her sooner or later, he always did with the new girls. Which meant it was time for another talk with the guy. But now wasn't the best time. He would get to it some time that day though.Image

After listening to Heidi introduce Diamond to the steadily growing group of teenagers, he moved his attention over to Zach who seemed to have something he wanted to talk to him about. Of course it involved dance, just as he thought it would. "Yeah, sure. I'll help out. Where is this competition anyway?" he questioned as he took a bite from his muffin and set it back down on his plate.

He's been trying his best to keep his thoughts of what happened the night before to himself, but it was a bit difficult to do. He wanted to find out if anyone else was experiencing anything weird lately. For the past couple of weeks, it seemed as if the building was taking on a life of its own. At that thought he shook his head, this is just some Rose Red crap, there was no way that was true. I just need to stop watching so many horror movies, he thought to himself before letting out a soft sigh and leaned back against the back of the chair as he tried his best to focus on the conversation with Zach.

Nikolai was actually stoked that Zachary wasn't going to let anything stand in the way of making his dreams of dancing come true. He wished some of the others here had that mind set as well. At least they would attempt at trying to move on and start the life they all truly deserved. Though the main one he always seemed to worried about was Amber. The poor girl never spoke and she always pushed herself away from everyone. He wanted to help, he just wasn't sure how to do it.
Nikolai overheard Jessica warning Diamond about Nate. Which honestly wasn't that difficult to do since his table was right beside theirs, just close enough to overhear a few things. He just hoped the blonde would take Jessica's advice, she was always so smart and knew just how to handle certain things a lot more than most of them who ended up here. Nikolai quite enjoyed having talks with Jessica because out of everyone else in this place, she seemed to be the only one who knew exactly where he was coming from. They thought more alike than anyone else truly believes.

"I feel bad for Diamond, you know Nate is going to end up attempting to pursue her. I just hope she is smart enough not to let him get to her. All he's going to end up doing is breaking her heart," he stated, completely changing the subject. Which he didn't really mean to do. He was still going to help Zach, he just couldn't keep that thought to himself. "I wish I could find out why Nate is the way he is, so that maybe I could help him grow to change into the better person I know he can be deep down. Sorry, I'm rambling again aren't I?" he stated as he returned his attention to Zachary.