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located in Laurea, New York, a part of Laurel, one of the many universes on RPG.

Laurea, New York



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Anthony doesn’t turn or lifts his head, actually, he gives absolutely no indication that he is aware of Lane having said anything. He just stands in silence, a silence that seems to set the teens miles apart even though they’re just a few steps away from each other. He doesn’t really know what he meant to say, or if he had meant to say anything at all, really, but he wanted Lane to know he had been with Aimee seconds ago, he needed her to know that he knew something, he needed her to know he had seen. And to realize that if anything was wrong with Aimee, she would be hearing of him as well. He thought for a moment what Erin would think, if this encounter would make her upset at all. But he didn’t mind. She should understand.

After not looking at Lane and being quiet for a uncomfortable minute, he faced her and his expression was a mixture of an apology and a warning. As if he somehow understood what she, Lane, was going through, but had to say something so that he could get himself out of some complicated situation. ”I don’t know the half of it. You probably didn’t do anything wrong, or didn’t mean to. His voice did’t sound cool or composed as he had planned it, it actually was almost a whisper, full of uncertainty, but this was probably the first time Lane would not hear him stuttering or apologizing. ”But you really should try not to upset Aimee. And I’ll try not to upset you.”

Head still hurting, face flushed and breath shallow, Anthony continued making his way to class without looking back. He would be late. He didn’t mind.