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located in Oceanside, a part of Oceanside Orphanage, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Dialogue Colour |>| #EB173A |*| Location |>| Dining Room

Poor girl. That man whore was already eyeballing her, as well as having to suffer through the traditional farce greetings that one was offered on their first day. Lucy remembered hers all too well - depressed and suicidal, she spent most of it in tears or bleeding on the bathroom floor. For the majority of her 'settling in time' here she was drugged up; sent into a 'calm' state through anti anxiety medication or anti depressants. But, that was in the past. Although, as she set down her phone and absent mindedly stroked the wide, still pink scars littered across one of her forearm, she realised how easily she could end up in that state of mind.

Lucy was dragged out of her rather sad train of thought by a rather close friend of hers. Grace's cheerful voice was something that Lucy was incredibly grateful for, especially at this moment in time. She nudged the girl with her elbow and offered her a warm smile; her usual greeting for who she would call the closest thing to a best friend. "Hey bitch, what do you need me for now?" she teased, winking at the girl. "I made some more jewellery last night before bed. Can you help take pictures in the best light and upload it to Etsy?
"Ahh yeh. Should have known you'd want something!" Lucy loved teasing Grace - they had that kind of relationship. The kind where they could tease and sass each other and know that neither truly meant it. At least not in a negative way.

Grace was probably the only girl here that could coax Lucy out of a stupor and give a positive attitude to the otherwise sour girl. Lucy would probably go as far to say she felt something more towards her, but convinced herself that she didn't. Smirking to herself, she collected her bowl and cup and moved them to the sink, scrubbed them clean then dried them and popped them away where she found them. She was a very clean housemate, trying to make as little mess as possible. Despite adoring Grace, taking the photos sounded like a very energy consuming task. Grace was always so bright and excited about it, and Lucy just struggled to summon that energy. With a sigh, she turned and offered a bright smile to Grace.

"Alright, let's do this!"