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located in Oceanside, a part of Oceanside Orphanage, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Jessica Fitz Character Portrait: Amber Fitz Character Portrait: Lena Morgan Character Portrait: Grace Dane Character Portrait: Nate Saintjames Character Portrait: Diamond Godwin
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Diamond glanced between Jessica and Amber for a brief moment, feeling a little self conscious, something she's not used to. She's been feeling a lot of things unfamiliar to her over these past couple weeks. When another girl walked over to the table, Diamond mustered up a smile. "Hi," She repeated as the girl, Lena, introduced herself and the other two girls, Imageapparently sisters. Diamond's attention was drawn to another girl as she sat down, one she'd seen earlier when Heidi had been showing her around. She frowned slightly, remembering their short interaction, just as Amber got up and left the table. 'Hmmm, guess she's not one for crowds,' Diamond thought, watching the brunette walk away.

When Jessica spoke up, inviting them to a performance later on that night at the park. Diamond smiled, glad to be invited as well. "A performance?" She asked curiously. "Are you a musician?" Diamond had always loved watching her mom perform, it was like she was a completely other person while on stage, more than just her mother, but a woman who was adored by millions of fans.

Diamond was pulled from her thoughts when Jessica spoke up once more, she glanced over at the guy that she pointed out, calling him out as a player. Diamond had to admit the guy was good looking, definitely the type of guy she'd go for, but she was a little put off by Jessica's words. She had no intentions of becoming some guy's play thing, but she was never one to judge someone based off of what other's thought. She liked to make her own judgement before deciding whether or not to be friends with someone. "Thanks for the warning," She said, her eyes lingering on Nate a moment longer before turning back to Jessica. She planned on getting to know the guy, but she would also keep her guard up, she had never been just a one time thing or a fling, and she didn't plan on starting now.