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Snippet #2629338

located in Gensokyo, a part of Denouement of a Fantasy Era, one of the many universes on RPG.


The haunted valley in the far east.


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Character Portrait: Fujiwara no Mokou Character Portrait: Marran Yanada
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Marran whipped his head around as something leapt for it and was just as quickly swatted by a fireball. It happened quickly enough that he didn't have time to judge whether the thing that had tried to attack him was Youkai or an animal however given the urgency in his companions voice it didn't seem to matter either way and he began to run, drawing level with her. He guessed that she could run faster than this but her clothing seemed to hampering her, in any case if these things could be hurt by fire then sand should also suffice. As he ran Marran splayed his palms and begin to fill the air behind them with a haze of dust. While it wouldn't physically stop anything getting a load of sand straight in the eyes and mouth was certainly going to slow down, disorientate or choke anything stupid enough to attack from behind and with enough time he could thicken it enough stop any overzealous attackers.

As they ran Marran kept a close watch on the woods ahead of them, attempting to work out the location of her home but either the bamboo stems were too thick or the house was not lit because he couldn't make out anything up ahead aside from more bamboo, but he trusted Mokou to at least know the location of her own home and so asked the second question at the top of his mind.

"I didn't see what attacked us, Youkai of some kind?"

He'd encountered violent spirits before but they'd tended to shy away from those with the power to fight back. It could be some kind of animal but it would have to be exceedingly vicious to keep up the chase after having two of their number burned alive.