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located in Nova Scotia, Canada, a part of A Sudden Outbreak, one of the many universes on RPG.

Nova Scotia, Canada



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Character Portrait: Kylie "Bullet" Braxton Character Portrait: Morgan Matthews Character Portrait: Vanessa Borne Character Portrait: Weston Olan
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Location: Driving through back roads//Abandoned house ||
|| Car Radio:Miike Snow- Black & Blue// Coldplay - Yellow || Time: 12:15am ||


Feeling; distressed, depressed, exhausted


Nothing . . . it's what Morgan saw out the car window, nothing but endless darkness of the back roads and sky that seemed to blend into one. Some times you couldn't seem to tell which way was up or down if it wern't for the half moon illuminating the sky. Her breath fogged up a small part of the cold window as her puffy red eyes scanned the darkness . . . waiting for something to pop out of it. Her heart ached for the friends she lost and the pain Nessa must be feeling. She took in a shaky breath before softly turning her head from the window to look at the people she rescued, a small petite girl and a tall tanned guy. She couldn't save her friends and it still angered her just thinking about it but at least she saved someone, that counted right?

Her eyes briefly landed on the petite girl but quickly switched over to her friend sitting in the passenger seat. Morgan shifted in her seat and leaned up a bit in order to reassuringly squeeze Vanessa's shoulder gently. She couldn't imagine the pain she was going through, I mean Morgan wasn't romantically involved with any of her guy friends so she didn't know the pain that came with that emotional connection but she did know that losing someone close to you hurt like hell. Even though Morgan was a year older than Vanessa she had always seen her as a little sister figure to her. She did her best to look out for her when they were younger and if anyone picked on Nessa, Morgan and the boys were always there to protect her.

Morgan sat back and gave out a small yawn. Honestly her hands were still shaking from what happened only a couple of hours ago. There was so much blood and gore . . . she was so traumatized that every time she closed her eyes she would see those events play out in her mind over and over. See her friends being eaten alive and not being able to do anything to help. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Morgan ran her dry bloodied fingers through her hair and tried focusing on the music that softly poured out from the speakers, fully expecting a panic attack to settle into her body but instead her attention was caught by Henry who yawned audibly. His eyes were drooping and he was falling asleep at the wheel, swerving a bit as he did.

Morgan quickly tapped his shoulder to wake him up and he jumped slightly at the gesture. "Henry, your falling asleep again, we should really pull over and get some rest." Morgan suggested in a low voice so she didn't disturb those who were already sleeping. Henry slightly shook his head sleepily. "W-We got to get a-away from here." he stuttered out in a half sleep, half scared tone. Morgan shook her head. "Henry please, if those things didn't kill us, you are if you don't pull over and rest." she stated in a gentle tone, trying to make him see reason because if they honestly didn't stop he was sure to get them all into an accident. "Hey, remember that abandoned house we use to ride pass? It should be coming up any second now right? Pull over there, it's been sealed for years with wooden boards and I'm pretty sure I can open the lock on the door pretty easily. It's cover at least, please?"

Henry finally agreed to her pleas and not ten minutes were they pulling into a smaller dirt road to their left. The drive up to the house was a good five more minutes but it felt like forever to Morgan. Once the car came to a stop at the front of the house Morgan told Henry to keep the head lights on so she could see because the lights were directly on the front door. The whole house had a creepy feel to it, the windows were all boarded up and the big trees cast odd shadows against the house with the dim glow of the moon. Upon the boards that covered the windows were graffiti designs, wholeheartedly made by teenage vandals but they looked the same as when they put it up, untouched, unmoved or damaged.

Shifting around a bit, Morgan sat on her knees, her back facing the back of the drivers seat as she rummaged around the back of the car. It was a bit of a mission to find her backpack in the back since it was really dark and the tail lights didn't really do anything to help. That was another thing, the tail lights illuminated a couple of feet in front of it but the rest was dark. Morgan did her best not to look out from the back window because the irrational fear of something popping out of no where was rising in her and her heart pounded against her chest wildly. Finally she snatched the back pack from the back and looked through it before she found two paperclips. She undid them from their normal curled position and made them straight as possible before stepping out the car cautiously.

For a couple of seconds she stood there in total and utter terrifying silence. There were no sounds what so ever outside, as if everything had died. No crickets, no wind, no nothing and this unnerved her greatly. "It's now or never." she spoke under her breath to herself. Her feet hastily moved in front of the car and up the creaky steps. Her eyes tried not to shift from the door and look into the darkness of the forest surrounding her. Morgan got down on one knee in front of the door and began to work her magic and after what seemed to be a hopeless three minutes the lock finally clicked and she knew it had unlocked.

Jogging back to the car she asked Henry for the flashlight in the glove compartment then jogged back to the house. The flashlight flickered on with a single movement of her finger and illuminated the living room of the old house as she stepped in. Morgan decided to do a quick sweep because even though the house didn't look broken into, she still had her doubts and just needed to make sure. She didn't want to be the reason for anymore deaths. Sucking down a mouthful of moldy air, Morgan proceeded through the house until she searched every crook and cranny that someone could possibly hide at and every time she did she held her breath anticipating something jumping out at her.

Once everything looked clear to her she jogged back down and flashed the light in there direction, signalling for them to come on because she thought it was smart to make as little noise as possible outside of the house. Once everyone was in, she closed the door, locked it then plopped herself on the old, moldy and dusty couch holding her head in the darkness. She was done with this, so done with this and her hands couldn't stop shaking. Morgan handed the flash light over to Henry who went about into the kitchen and found matches. Luckily the old house had an old fireplace that was just simple red bricks, now dull and crumbling but it still did the job as he lit one of and tossed it into the fireplace watching the old, dry logs catch fire almost instantly because of how dry they were. It was good though because the warmth from the fireplace was good to warm this place up because the chilliness from outside seemed to seep into the house.