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located in Nova Scotia, Canada, a part of A Sudden Outbreak, one of the many universes on RPG.

Nova Scotia, Canada



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Feeling: | Drained | Uneasy | Lost |

Weston sat in the back of an unfamiliar car. Between his fits of panic and obsessive need to remove all of the blood from his hands, Wes had found a quiet place. He lulled his head back, feeling the weight of his exhaustion in his chest but unable to rest. His brain was swimming in a whirlwind of memories, of which he wished were all part of an intense nightmare. A terrifying dream that would teach him something and then let him wake up so that he could appreciate his life and his family more.

At the beginning of this dreadful night Weston had been with his girlfriend, Marcy. It was a beautiful night with perfect little stars flickering down at them, and a date that would hopefully let the two of them enter into the next phase of their relationship. Everything had come together so well for Wes that it was unbelievable that the world was falling apart just as quickly. Thinking about the events that followed had Weston struggling for air. Sitting there, half listening to the conversation in front of him, he tugged in a painful gasp and wiped at his eyes. "Shit," he mumbled, fighting with himself. He and Marcy were having dinner at a five star restaurant just hours ago, a place that Wes's mother had recommended, and the question was running through his head like a marathon runner. The chaos was sudden, and it all happened right after Marcy had excused herself to the bathroom. Weston tried to get to her, to save her, but he wasn't fast enough.

Then it was over. Everything that Weston had planned and anticipated for was ruined. Marcy was ruined. His whole life was ruined.

Weston was still fully dressed in his grey suit and tie, despite the anxious sweat that dripped down his back. A ring, size 5.5, burned a hole in his front pocket. He wanted throw that ring out the window, but he also wanted to cherish the last thing he had in memory of his Marcy. While letting his mind run, the car that Weston was in had stopped in front of an abandoned house. As if a light went on, Wes perked up and paid attention. He couldn't bring himself to fully trust these people, but he knew that he owed them. The girl who seemed to know what she was doing got out of the car with a flashlight. Weston looked over at the girls on either side of him, both rather petite and streaked with tears. Suddenly Weston was unbearably hot. After the other girl went inside the house Wes quickly opened the door where the girl with black hair was sitting and climbed over her.

"Sorry," he said as he unevenly planted himself on the ground. Weston promptly removed his grey suit jacket, threw it onto the top of the car, then rolled up his sleeves. Removing his tie, Wes looked out into the darkness, only really seeing that they were surrounded by forest.

A couple of lonely minutes passed by before the girl returned and the rest of the crew was unloading. The abandoned house was ominous, but Weston found a certain comfort in its solid figure and isolation. Anywhere was better than where they just came from. Wes threw his jacket over his shoulder and followed the people inside. The interior of the house was dusty, but showed signs of left behind supplies.

Instantly, Weston went into survival mode. He walked away from the group and began searching through a near by closet. It would be cold tonight, even with the fire that the other guy Henry lit. With luck he found a pile of three blankets, two crocheted style blankets, a small quilt, and a large wool sheet.

Wes came back to couch where two of the girls were. The girl with brunette hair sat on the couch with her head in her hands, and the blonde girl sat in front of her couch with a desolate expression. Awkwardly, Weston took one of the rocketed blankets and placed it on the brunette's shoulders gently. "Here," he said, then moved to place the quilt on the shoulders of the blonde.

A long, tiresome sigh escaped his lips before he spoke again. "I'm Weston," he finally said.