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located in Laurea, New York, a part of Laurel, one of the many universes on RPG.

Laurea, New York



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Lane trudges down the hallway, eyes down, focusing on the brown stripes that zig zag across the carpet. She recalls being younger and dogging the lines like hot lava. Leaping and hopping to avoid each strip. It was an odd game, but quite addicting as a young child. Now the lines are simply line, no longer hot lava. Or perhaps the stripes have remained hot lava, but Lane as a growing adult had simply become immune them. That's what the younger version of herself would claim anyways. All thoughts of her past childhood are interrupted by the light vibration of her phone in her back pocket. Lane pulls the phone out and reads the screen quickly. Upon seeing Erin's text she presses the small plastic keys on the phone until yes 2 mins shows across the screen. After sending it the musician has already about reached the cafeteria.

Pushing the doors open her eyes dart straight to were Erin should be sitting. Seeing that she is there, Lane quickly jumps in line for some food. She pulls a bowl of mac and cheese onto her plate without jalapeño, but instead with extras sprinkles of parmesan cheese. She also takes a dollar can of Arnold Palmer tea and an extra cup. Lane keeps to herself through this process. Focusing on the food, focusing on her movements, not focusing on the loud noises that fill the lunch room that reminder her of this morning.

After paying for the food she slides into the seat across from Erin, smiling slightly as a greeting. "I uh I talked to Aimee, and I apologized, and she uh she apologized." She states right away, as to push the topic out of the way quickly. "She just...she needs space right now so I'm doing that, I'm giving her space. And I um took your advice, I think. We will just be friends.... For now." The last sentence is painful to spit out. Lane pops open the can and pours half into the extra cup. She slides it to Erin, who's not looking 100% well herself. "I'm not even that hungry, do you want this?" She asks pushing the bowl to the center of the table. The longer she sits the better she feels, though Erin seems to be looking the opposite. "Did something happen?" better to ask, just in case