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located in New Orleans, a part of Ataxia, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Orleans

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Watch out for tigers and run like hell. Gale could do that. But she could do more than that, too. But nevermind that. If Chester wanted to destroy the circus on his own, that was okay. Did she want to destroy it too? Well, yeah, but she would respect his decisions. He probably had a good reason, right? Yup, probably.

Well if he was going to destroy the circus she'd might as well have a front seat. Nodding, she started making particular motions with her hands. As if on cue, the wind began to whip around her like a mini, invisible tornado. Concentration sunk into her features as she slowly propelled herself into the air, a familiar rush of ecstatic energy flew through her veins. Her hands never stopped moving, tracing invisible circles as she rose higher and higher into the night sky. She didn't fly that far from the ground, the reason being she didn't want to be seen. Instead of soaring high into the sky she didn't go higher than the closest tent's peak. Gale hovered in the darkness, most of her form obscured by the animal tent. The girl watched as a fire erupted, and almost smiled. While one hand kept her afloat, another summoned a strong wind. Her expression evolved into a light-hearted smile as the flames transformed into an inferno.

A warmth spread throughout her body similar to the feeling of sipping a cup of hot chocolate. For a brief moment Gale wondered if she was starting to feel the warmth, happiness, that she'd always longed to have, but after further exploration she decided it was probably just from the heat of the blaze.

Today was the day the titans began the end of humanity... And to think they weren't doing it together. Gale's face twisted into a scowl when thought of the other two, but her expression softened when she remembered that at least a few of the titan vessels had some sense in them. "Castiel, right?"

Her smile had returned when she waved to the boy. "Themis," The titan inside her corrected. Gale couldn't help but roll her eyes. Themis was... mind control, if she recalled correctly. Her smile grew, as mind control would be very useful to have on her side. Though lurking behind the smile was the slightest bit of anticipation as she recalled his hesitation toward the titan side. What if he turned? The thought struck Gale like one would strike their prey. Quickly and silently and more than anything, out of the blue. Having been taken aback by her own thought train, she accidentally dropped a few inches, but smoothly recovered, reassuming her position in the air.

"That's a nice name. Castiel, I mean." She pinched her lips at the comment. It was all she could think to say. Gale was never the conversation starter...

Her eyes locked on the destruction in front of her instead of the person she was attempting to talk to. Was it rude? Maybe, but she'd rather just gaze at the swirls of red and orange. Gale, worst conversation starter and rudest conversationalist. Yikes. She could imagine Crius nodding his head in agreement. A short laugh escaped her lips, loud enough for anyone close to hear.

Gale stared into the blaze for a while, thoughts running wild. Her mind jumped to many different topics, all irrelevant and small. Mostly memories of the past, each one consisting of completely different scenarios which all managed to stick in her head for whatever reason.

It was when Chester came back winded as could be that Gale stopped spinning in the past. Her hands stopped moving immediately, the wind stopped supporting her and she fell to the ground with increasing speed. She pulled off the landing with a kneel, then a small sprint in Chester's direction. The moment she sensed his presence in the wind, the way his breath lingered and his stance staggered, she knew he was on teetering on the edge of consciousness. It was when he tripped after but a few steps that she deduced that he could not run on his own. Not well, at least. Just then, an idea popped into her head. She bent down to help him up, then threw him over her shoulder. "You said you had a place for us to stay." She commented, a sense of urgency sweeping over her. "Where is it?"