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Snippet #2631307

located in Mejestic Cove Academy, a part of Majestic Cove Academy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mejestic Cove Academy



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Character Portrait: Angel Blood-Rose Character Portrait: Tazuki Kaito Character Portrait: Abigail Levitz Character Portrait: Jeong Lee Character Portrait: Aviur Vasiliev
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The teacher might not have noticed anything as she desperately tried to round up the wildly flailing students but she was also poorly sucking the life out of Jeong when something splattered against her face and body. Completely forgetting the boy she growled, a deep rumble under her throat wanting to just tear at whoever had thrown that. She saw that it was the green haired boy and would have gone straight for him when something else, also wet and sticky splattered at the back of her neck. This was barely the first month of a new semester and these kids thought it was funny to fool around.

Jeong gasped placing his hands on his own throat, thinking it might possibly collapse on it's own. He was dropped to his knees and luckily still somewhat alive. The giant muscular teacher was distracted for a few moments by the help of the food. He had just stood up when a barrage of blueberries came firing above his head. The boy was just short enough to not be hit but he had the terrible sight of seeing the teacher's face grow from red to a deep dark blue-which were not just the blueberries.

Swallowing he jumped on to his feet, feeling the sticky syrup slow his movements on the ground. As quickly as he could muster he grabbed Abigail's wrist and ran towards the fleeing green haired elder classman.

Jeong stumbled over the chaos leaving the teacher behind who now searched for the blueberry culprit. β€œTazuki wait up!”


Aviur smugly walked up behind the timid white haired girl with his arms crossed, just in case if she suddenly decided to run. The pointed eared girl in front of them with her long slender fingers hovered over to the bookmark sitting on the desk. His eyes glinted a little at the bookmark. It was not something he had seen often, probably from the sharp eared humanoid races culture. It was of an intricate design of green and gold with floral patterns that stuck out of what looked to be a lucky charm with strands of white ribbons. Perhaps it held some magic in it as he noticed the bright rainbow gem in the center glow a soft green as she placed it into where she had left the book off.

β€œHello,” she greeted them, her voice reflected Angel's, soft spoken and quiet. There was also a lullaby like tune in her voice. β€œDo you need something?” She placed gold strands of hair behind her long ears revealing a small red jewel earring.

Giving his usual happy smile he gave Angel a small pat on her upper back. β€œThis little bird told me you played the flute so I thought we might introduce ourselves and perhaps get a chance to know each other better.” Naturally his first thoughts were how pretty the natural beings of the forest were. It was not his first time seeing an elf and every time he found one he could not be envious at their eternal graceful beauty, both men and women. They were much more lithe than humans were and they sang songs and breathed fresh air. His life was pretty isolated much like the elves although more humans tended to head towards closer to more industrial areas. They were much more pure than humans were, he could see the sunlight shine in her hair and her globular eyes that seemed to hold rivers;they were such enchanting creatures,most likely one of his favorite kind with their sparkly nature wizardry.

β€œI'm Aviur,”he introduced himself first to break some ice.