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located in The Fifth Ward, a part of The Catalysts, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Fifth Ward

The bustling, always busy, industrial section.


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Character Portrait: Lucielle Thorn Character Portrait: Vanessa "Aphrodite" Eris
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Lucielle turned, her eyes searching for the voice. Before her, a woman stood, slowly approaching her. Lucielle regarded the strange woman holding small child. She looked like an alien being almost, walking up to her, either from fear or respect, Lucielle didn't know. Was she there to beg for her child's life? Perhaps she was a Catalyst, much like the others that approached her, not only minding her violent tendencies, but putting forth destruction of their own? But she seemed different, to carry herself over the others. Lucielle found her gaze drifting upwards as she approached, she towered over her. Sure, Lucielle was slouching, and this woman standing perfectly straight, but even so, Lucielle found herself almost taken aback by the woman's hieght and forwardness.


"Who might you be?" She asked, holding up a small flame in her hand, "And why so brave?"