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Snippet #2632456

located in Hikarishi, a part of The City of Light, one of the many universes on RPG.


School City


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Character Portrait: Satoshi Fujishima Character Portrait: Natsuki Toshiage
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"Ah, if only I could curl up and hibernate like a polar bear for a hundred years."

[ Ambiguous | GARNiDELiA ]

Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #43CD80 || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #A8C5A8

It was yet another peaceful and quiet day in Hikarishi - the so-called City of Light.

Dawn has fast approached after a long night and the sun is almost on the way to its peak. The sky was so blue and the white clouds lazily drifted like boats floated on the surface of a pool, the birds were chirping and the morning breeze was blowing gently. Without much vehicles, the city is seemingly never too crowded or noisy. It is always in a quiet, yet completely tranquil atmosphere. Everyone have already risen from their beds, doing some personal hygiene, eating away their breakfast and began a whole new energetic day with their work for now. Well, almost everyone.

A certain of energy conserver still burying himself deep in his blanket without showing any signs that he's going to get up soon. The thick, unveiled curtains over the windows of his room had blocked away all the sunbeams. He doesn't even get himself an alarm clock or something like that to remind him that it's already rise and shine. Around the room, clothes, books and some snacks scattered on the floor. It truly is a messy sight. And yes, this is the very first sight anyone can has the pleasure to see when they enter Natsuki Toshiage's room in the morning.

"Hey, sleeping bishounen. When will you going to move your ass away from that bed, huh? Should I wake you up with a kiss?" A cheeky, shrill voice of a blonde boy who's just entered his room appeared as that very boy unveiled all the curtains around the room, letting the blaring light enter the room all of the sudden which made Natsuki flinched, but he just only curled into a ball while hiding his face away from the sun.

Hazuki sighed before grinning, "Oi. You're not going to make me your alarm clock every day, aren't you?" He grabbed Natsuki's blanket and tried his best to pull it away from him. After a couple of minutes struggling, he finally managed to take hold of it, although he did accidentally made his best friend landed his head on the ground in a rather funny position.

"...Fine, I'm getting up." Natsuki said before sighing in a rather depressive way. Oh yeah, although both of them aren't couple or anything like that, they did share their apartment's spare keys with each other when Natsuki has just moved to this apartment. And ever since then, Hazuki has pretty much working as his alarm clock, knowing that if there isn't anyone to kick him out of his bed then he will just lay there and immerse in his slumber as if he's dead for the rest of the day.

"Man, I don't know whether if you could ever keep your own place tidy for at least a day." Hazuki pouted as he moved both of his hands on his waist before casting a quick glance around Natsuki's room.

"Well, you can clean it if you want. I didn't really care though. It's my room after all." Natsuki said while scratching the his messy hair. For some reason, his hair always becomes an annoying mess anytime he wakes up. Lazily gazing up at the clock above, Natsuki's brow twitched in irritation upon seeing that he's still a whole early until the first subject of the day. He frowned while throwing his kouhai a glare, but the blonde boy just throw him a shrug with a bright smile.

Sighing again, Natsuki walked out of his room and went to his bathroom to get change. While he's indeed a lazy-ass and all, for reasons that he kept for himself, the only thing he's ever got the diligence to put efforts into is his look. Of course, he never put up an appearance to himself that makes him stand out too much, but he always looks neat and tidy even in just a plain uniform. That must be the reason why even though he didn't do anything, some of the girls actually really did find his simpleness to be attractive. But anyone can obviously figure out how he will react to all the unexpected loves he received.

After about 20 minutes long, Natsuki finally stepped out of the bathroom. When he headed back to his bedroom, Hazuki has also made quite an effort himself to tidy up his senpai's room and now it looks significantly different from half an hour earlier. It isn't something to be surprised about though. Once in a while, Natsuki would help Hazuki with some of his essays, in exchange, the younger boy will help his best friend to clean up his room. Not too bad of a deal, eh?

"Much better, don't you think? Seriously, someone's gonna thought that you are a hikikomori or something the moment they see your living space." Hazuki teases while poking at Natsuki.

"Whatever, being a hikikomori is quite interesting. If I ever become one then I wouldn't mind much." Natsuki said bluntly with his usual bored expression. "Now should we go before your favorite yakisoba bread got sold out?"

"Yosh. Let's march to school and lead yet another full of energy day." Hazuki said excitedly as both of them began to make their way to Chishiki Academy. Since Natsuki's apartment is close, it only took them 5 minutes to get there. All the way from Natsuki's door to the Cafeteria, the blonde boy kept on talking and be rather hyperactive even though it's still morning, as usual, while Natsuki just replied with a series of 'uh huh', 'yeah', 'right', 'couldn't agree more', etc. Though he never admits but he enjoys life more this way. He secretly hope that nothing's going to change until the day he graduated.

After having their breakfasts at the Cafeteria, Natsuki and Hazuki parted ways to their designated classes. Natsuki got Classical Literature as the first period so he headed for the room 303. Entering the class, he passed the other desks and go to his own. On his way, he came across with Satoshi's desk which was two seats away from his. "Ohayo, Satoshi-kun." He greeted with a light pat on his kouhai's back and proceeded to sit at his desk.

And the first thing that he did is laid his face down on his arms against the desk. It's still 15 minutes away until Kazuhiko-sensei arrive though so he figure that it didn't hurt getting a quick nap, right?

*Bishounen : means 'Beautiful Young Boy'
*Hikikomori : someone who favors indoor activities