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{Clara Tollera}
Clara held her breath as she aimed the arrow, breathed out slowly and let the arrow fly. It sword straight into the minotaur's eye and caused it to stumble and falter in it's charge. But only for a moment, luckily that gave Alex enough time to get out of it's way. Clara smiled when Alex gave her a nod in recognition. Quickly Clara shifted her focus back to the Minotaur, who had ripped the arrow from it's eye and was now looking for the one who had shot it. Suddenly Clara felt a strange sensation in her fingers and toes, like they had fallen asleep, she looked up just as the Minotaur was about to grab her. Clara blinked and when she opened her eyes she was somewhere else. She looked up and saw someone standing in front of her, someone with wings.
Clara was confused but shook her head, she would worry about what had just happened later.
"Hey flyboy! Feel like giving me a lift?" She smirked at Adrian as she drew a new arrow and fitted it to her quiver. If she could shoot the Minotaur in the other eye it would be easer to take down.

{Toby Parker}
Toby had grabbed a few other campers that were holding spears and they had devised a plan to, hopefully, run the beast out of the camp. They took up positions in the trees and on the ground and Toby had made the tips of their spears red hot.
"TREES!" He yelled, and a swarm of red hot spears flew at the Minotaur. Quickly more spears were thrown up to those in the trees.
"GROUND! Toby yelled again and another mob of spears sword through the air. With every strike it drove the beast back closer and closer to the gates. It had also been a huge help that Clara and Adrian had blinded the thing so it couldn't attack anyone else.