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Noticing the son of Hades absent from the action and hectic event on campus, Daniel decided likewise to hang somewhat back. David should’ve been revelling in the unexpected turn of events and beast before them. Daniel was under the influence, though, he’s almost certain in theorizing that Hade’s kids have the unofficial ability to sense death before it happens. Besides, if anyone knew death it’d be Hade’s kids. They came hand in hand that often.

When the new girl, Alex came charging in, playing hero like her father, initially, he thought he’d like to deal with the beast in an excruciating matter for making quick work of her but then again for her hot-headedness….
“Is it just me or were that overly pleasing to see Zeus’ kid get knocked on her ass?”
“Oh, it’s pleasing,” David confirmed. Then again, he had an inherited dislike to Zeus. “Is this one of yours by the way?” he added.
“What? No! Can’t you actually tame beasts or something?” He looked on to the warfield and mess of a battle. Arrows and spears flying, the other new girl latched on it’s back and going for a rough, unpleasant ride. Hecate help her with her guts and everyone else firing their weapons still. He smirked a little. Though it was cool. He quickly shifted a mid air spear off course, glaring around to see the responsible thrower who so cockily thought they had superb accuracy to hit the bull and not the girl at all, who were involved in a wrestle with it.

Hearing coughs and splatters, Daniel looked to Alex who persistently tried to climb to her feet and re-engage in fight. He approached her. "You okay?"

David casually shrugged, his eyes locked on the action ahead. They had all managed to push it back as it was, so there were no need to be ancy. Besides, he weren’t particularly keen on the horns making short work of him and idiotic acquaintances firing at him when he neared the aggravated beast, attempting to get the current girl off it. And half blind.
“I could try, if someone held it down,” he guessed. Accusingly, his eyes drifted to Ares’ daughter. She made a big hoo-ha of her strength and endurance and now would’ve been her time to shine and assist. Everyone else had been so hasty in making moves, the blonde didn't get a chance, even at the front line.

His sympathy actually somewhat lay with the creature. Blind, stabbed and zapped that many times. He'd definitely be helping the creature if he could. David glanced to the sky. "Daniel, keep Romeo and Juliet away from it." He referred to Adrian and Clara. If that thing retreated with no eyes there'd be the Underworld to pay. He saw Zeus kid but did not acknowledge her as part of his own plan. She'd probably do what she wanted anyway.

He nudged Trinity in the back gently with his arm. "It's not right is it?" he said by her ear. "All this ganging up. There's no honor, no skill involved. If you help pin it, I can probably tame it."

The pair were heading for a crash landing into the lake and with a swift head gesture to Ares daughter, David paced towards the lake. Was he really about to help everyone? No...he were helping the Minotaur, he reminded himself. He halted though momentarily recognizing the girl as a bad ass who had found her own control over the creature. "Yo! Steer it back here!" he called.