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Ayanna looked at the Notebook. An item that was essentially useless to her, but since most didn't possess flawless memory, she could see why this was necessary. She reached into her sleeve, pulling out a pen.

The pen wasn't hers. When she was registering she withheld it from the officers who had escorted her and sorted her papers. They laughed when she stared blankly at the sheets and pen. Yes, she knew how to read and write, she just never really had a need for it the last few years, as those had been spent in simulations to test how much they could endure under high levels of stress and hell. Moreover, all documents had usually been handled by...well, her handler.

They didn't deserve their pen back. Not like they could have.

She looked over at the specialists Charles snapped at, and tilted her head. It's the first day, people need to be sorted, register problems and be informed of who they need to approach for their needs, not cause a scene. Are there any- no, this is different, they wouldn't need to monitor everyone to tranquilize them if they act up, that certainly wasn't the case before I became Ayanna. I guess this is how trouble is handled... "How strange," she muttered to herself before heading over to the buildings she had been motioned to.