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Snippet #2634034

located in The Four Nations, a part of Avatar: The New Generation, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Four Nations

The world of Avatar: The Last Airbender without all the advances, a hundred years after Avatar: The Last Airbender takes place.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Seok Quan Character Portrait: Eris Deirdre Character Portrait: Naomi Ren Character Portrait: Nani Eian Character Portrait: Tonrar Ren Character Portrait: Hyobin Lei Character Portrait: Qannik Nanuq Character Portrait: Haruto Koizumi Character Portrait: Retsihn Kon Character Portrait: Avaria Lynn
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Naomi could not do anything more upon getting hit except fall to the ground. She groaned softly as she lay there for a moment before hearing the most terrifying thing ever. A scream. From the girl who was with Seok. Naomi watched from where she was as the general Tobimasu, apparently alright, pulled his sword from the girl's stomach.

Naomi froze as she watched the girl's body fall and knew immediately things had gone from bad to worse. She watched as the girl's blood spread out before something unexpected did happen. A slightly blue aura like thing flew from the girl's body, circling overhead the crowd before diving towards Naomi. She wasn't sure what it was and wanted to roll away, but refrained from doing so for fear of getting trampled or hit again.

Naomi did cover her face with her arms as the aura flew straight into her giving Naomi a warm feeling flowing through her. Strength washed through Naomi and she felt something she had never felt before. A whisper in her ear told her what to do and she obeyed, unsure what else to do. Her body rose and she knew it was because of air bending. Her own air bending.

Naomi looked down at her father, but it wasn't just her eyes she felt. It felt as if hundreds of eyes were looking with her. Naomi raised her hands and she bended. A wave of wind blew every soldier by her father away, scattering them onto the nearby rooftops and the alleys. She turned to where Haru was surrounded and in a moment, every soldier around Haru was gone, scattered again.

Naomi then turned to Seok, bending the general from his hands and sending the gravity bending general into her father. Naomi reached with her air bending, grabbing those who had fought with her that day and speeding them all off away from her father and the gravity bending general. When they were a few hundred feet from the inner wall, she gently set down those with her before falling to the ground, passed out from exhaustion. As she went unconscious though, she heard a whisper in her ear, saying I give my abilities to you so that you might do what I could not.

A few minutes pass before the fire bender from the resistance emerged from a home and gestured frantically to Haru. "Come on, get off the street," the bender gestures frantically. He sees the body and stills his frantic gesturing before gaining a steely resolve and looking to Seok, knowing he was the one with Hyo. "I can carry her if you'd rather," He states softly. He waits for a response, doing as asked or told, then goes inside to lead the group underground to safety.




Nani lost his temper. He knew he did as soon as he snapped. He would have hit Qannik had it not been for Uruki who grabbed Nani at the last second. Uruki was stronger for whatever reason and pushed Nani back. Nani didn't look at him as he pushed back until he heard Uruki's words, "Prince Nani if you don't stop they'll only hurt her."

Nani heard that and his movements froze. He looked to Uruki who let him go slowly. "Thank you, you are free to go," Nani stated, his calm returning. He made sure to give Uruki a pointed look so his friend would know to get out of there quickly before he drew attention to himself.

Uruki left with a bow to the generals leaving Nani there looking down. He knew he had given them what they wanted. He had done exactly that. At least he hadn't screamed bloody murder. Avaria would be disappointed in him probably. He only drew more attention to her from his reaction.

He looked up, crossing his arms again before giving the generals a blank look. "I'm done," Is all he says as he looks at the two giving a clear indication he was not wanting to do the tour anymore. He looked past the generals to the path that led away from the gardens. He had stupidly put himself in a corner that's only other exit led to the servants quarters and as much as Nani wouldn't mind going there, he refused to show the two generals where it was should they decide they're bored or something.

"Step aside," He orders simply, giving no sway in his voice and keeping an air of confidence and authority.