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located in True Cross Academy, Fidel City, a part of Equipoise, one of the many universes on RPG.

True Cross Academy, Fidel City

Home of the Humans


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Feint || My Sunset

He watched Ryuu as she watched him, both silent at first until he watched the rising of her brow seeming to have more questions than ever. He noticed the small flame of sympathy in a warm colour just as quickly as it was snuffed out by her will and a hint of sadness to the lose of it came over him, but he crushed it just as quickly. He put his hands onto the back of the wall, digging his claws into them and pulled himself up achingly, bones clicking and cracking, like some machine not being used in a long time. Once up, he stood up tall, hands by the sides of him. Blood marking the wall, floor and him but no scratch was on him but the ruins of what was once clothing. He too feeling himself becoming more in control of himself as he sighed gently from his nose, watching Ryuu process what he was telling her while keeping against the wall so not to make her think he was going to attack her.

He looked at Ryuu, his face blank, stoic but there was a certain look to his eyes that spoke many volumes for him. He knew things for sure and he could look into Ryuu's core to find what she was truly feeling and perhaps connect to her more than anyone else could. Understandbly, this was probably an uncomfortable feeling and that much was clear when she widened her eyes. She didn't expect to be seen so clearly and it surprised her. "Friends... they leave me, willing or not in the end. Time decays everything while I stay stagnant. Twisting and turning the tides of fate mortals cling to, others try to defy it but it always comes. Everything changes around me... I am alone." He caught on however and nodded to Ryuu, only slightly as to not make it obvious to the observer as he suddenly moved himself from the wall and walked away from it and away from the blood, the stench of it was not so pleasant on his sensitive nose.

Nathaniel watched as Ryuu looked back to the other Knight, Colter. "Comradity." He noted aloud, looking right into Colter's eyes for a moment before looking back to Ryuu as she spoke to him. As the crystalized orbs were in question, he tensed noticeably and watched Ryuu closely, balling his hands into fists. "If I were to give you the answer your 'old' friend's ears would surely catch on as he is listening. So protective... but loyal not to you, not entirely. Why is he here? Works for someone... higher. He wants to come in and take control. It is only because you are here, that he does not. I can feel that... fire. He wants to come in so badly and perhaps press my face into the ground. Domiance is key here, in his mind. I could be wrong about his intent but that fire in him, unmistakeable."

He then moved swiftly closer, hand on Ryuu's head, her head to his chest where trained ears would hear the voices of uncountable people from his chest with each beat of his heart. Souls living in harmony in one body... His body. He pressed his lips to one of Ryuu's ears and whispered. "I will not be used. They won't be used." He then released Ryuu, backing off slowly and he began to walk more normally, strength growing more and more, watching Ryuu with his blue yellow snake like hues as well as Colter as he changed his eyesight to see their souls so he didn't need to entirely use his eyes to 'see' them. Walking around Ryuu with clawed hands behind his back. "Your old friend... doesn't want to be my friend, does he?"