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located in The Outskirts, a part of The Catalysts, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Outskirts

The black-hearted back country of Emperia city.


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Character Portrait: Lucielle Thorn Character Portrait: Craven
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"Ah, another time then." Lucielle chuckled. "Still, you won't do so well without a good meal..."

She trailed off, keeping her gaze from the beast behind her. Holding up an arm, she pointed down into the heart of the Outskirts. "There's a nice little trailer park down that way. I hear they're just getting over a mysterious fire. The children there have the cutest screams."

She let silence blow between them, dust settling in the breeze. Leaves rustling and twisting in the early morning light. The rusted bridge glinted, swaying slightly. The air held a timeless quality. Breathing in a deep breath, she dropped her arm. Glancing back, she saw the shadow shift behind her.

"Oh, and Craven." Lucielle turned, looking at the creature's back. She snapped her fingers, a burning flame streaking from her hand and into Craven's chest. "Don't kill them all. I still need some entertainment."

The smell of burning flesh reached her nose. Lucielle smiled. She extinguished the flame. She wouldn't kill him, he had to many, intriguing factors. Her hand waved a farewell to Craven. Ash and soot clouded the air. With cinders and coals disguising her movements, she climbed to the top of the bridge effortlessly.

"This land is mine Craven, you'd be wise to behave in it."