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located in Entropy Inc., a part of The Catalysts, one of the many universes on RPG.

Entropy Inc.

A relatively large investment firm. Holds more than just accountants and workers.


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Pandora made her way through the entrance of Entropy Inc., whispers and mumbles were exchanged by just about every member as she walked passed them. She just rolled her eyes in annoyance, not even going to humor their stupidity as she worked her way through the building. It took her awhile before she found Hatt and his minion, their backs to her, they obviously had no idea that she was actually in the building as they began to discuss sending something to her and what not. She was about to step into the conversation when she was cut off hearing Hatt mumble, "Likely passed passed out in an alley somewhere..."

With that she smirked to herself, placing her hands on her hips before piping up, "I hate to disappoint but..." She then stepped up beside the male, glancing over her shoulder towards him. Before she could add another comment, she began to hear the whispering of the crowd behind her. With an aggravated sigh she pivoted to face them, "Take a picture, it lasts longer." She then once again turned towards him, "So... what am I wanting to get involved in?" She raised a slender brow out of curiosity.