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D I A L O G U E : # 3 9 B 5 4 A

As Wes stepped down off the porch of Trinity's cabin, hearing the woman call out to him as he left, β€œWes! Thank you!” He glanced back towards the cabin, giving a salute although he knew she couldn't see him, "Welcome." He was about to head back towards his cabin, when his stomach growled. He hadn't realized how hungry he was, and he knew he had nothing in his cabin other that Coke and Beer... He totally snuck some in while everyone else was busy playing tame the monster. With a sigh, he turned his direction towards the main hall, hooking his thumbs in his belt loops as he slowly walked up the grassy hill towards the building.

Wes entered the main hall just as Ajax kissed Andy on the cheek. Obviously the dude he carried was alive and kicking, so the minotaur rider must have done something right by sucking the poison out of him. Wes shivered slightly at just the thought of tasting a blood/poison mixture. Disgusting. Wes couldn't help but take the moment to tease, "Only seems fair that now he gets to put his lips on you." He motioned towards Ajax then Andy, referring to how the girl had had her mouth all over him when she extracted the poison.

He wormed his way passed everyone to begin searching cabinets for food, grabbing more than enough to make himself a sandwich. While he found the ingredients he needed, Ajax, Alex left, followed by Andy shortly after. As he began preparing some of the food, he glanced over his shoulder slightly seeing another blonde that must have arrived at camp while he was in his cabin. He grinned towards the beauty as he finished up his meal, leaning against the counter as he took a bite, "Well are you easy on the eyes," He winked towards Veronica as he took another large bite. After finishing the sandwich, Wes walked past the blonde, sending her a flirty smile before he exited the main hall and headed back to his cabin.



D I A L O G U E : # F 5 A 6 0 E

Andy looked towards the door when Ajax said, "No need.. she's here." Seeing Alex just about sprint towards her brother, Andy quickly slipped her arm from around his waist, dodging the girl just before she met her brother in a hug. As they hugged, Alex glanced towards her with a happy smile. She returned the smile with a nod in a silent "you're welcome." Ajax spoke up, "Okay, I think we should all call it a night, it's been a long one."Andy was about to head out, seeing as how she was no longer needed now that Alex was there, when she felt Ajax's lips against her cheek. It took her by surprise, causing her to blush slightly as she looked to see him smiling down towards her. Not paying attention to the entrance, she didn't hear Wes enter. Her gaze quickly adverted when she heard Wes say, "Only seems fair that now he gets to put his lips on you."

If Andy was blushing before, her face was bright red now. She brought her hand up to scratch her head, making her way towards the door, she figured Alex would catch her brother up with everything he missed. She glanced over her shoulder towards them both, "You should catch him up... Just don't make me seem like some amazing hero." She chuckled then added, "I'll find you in the morning to check on your wound," She pointed towards his abdomen, before slipping out of the main hall.

Heading out to find her cabin, Andy began to head in the general direction where she saw some of the other campers must have been going. She figured that maybe they were going to the cabins, but she stopped when she saw Daniel. She had been trying to talk to him several times since she'd been there, and seeing as how he was alone she jogged over to him, hoping they'd get a chance to talk. "Hey! Daniel!" She called out to him before closing the distance. Once she was before him, she realized she didn't really know what to say, "Ummm... Know where the Hecate cabins are?" She said with a chuckle, raising a brow towards him.