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located in Emperia City, a part of The Catalysts, one of the many universes on RPG.

Emperia City

A large city built over the water, and separated from the rest of society. Current battleground for Catalysts, Insurgents, and Hunters alike.


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Pandora crossed her arms over her chest, genuinely listening to what Hatt was saying. Sure she liked pushing his buttons, she liked aggravating everyone but this was work related and considering he actually felt it necessary to include her. She respected and appreciated that. When he told her to take a seat, she didn't argue, moving around the table until she took a seat. Then leaning the chair back slightly, she kicked her feet up onto the table and crossed them. Tea sounded good, probably would help her hangover as well. "I could use some tea," She rubbed her temples, chuckling as she gave Hatt the satisfaction of knowing he was right, "You were right by the way... I was passed out in an alley." She laughed.

"So..." She crossed her arms behind her head, looking over to her colleague, "How exactly am I supposed to draw this person from the shadows? I mean... I could blow up half of Emperia... Doesn't mean that it's going to attract anyone to come out of hiding." She slid her feet off the table, leaning forward so her elbows rested upon the table, "I'm good at creating chaos, but we both know that I don't attract people, I repel them. If anything I scare them away."