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located in Entropy Inc., a part of The Catalysts, one of the many universes on RPG.

Entropy Inc.

A relatively large investment firm. Holds more than just accountants and workers.


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Alias nodded to Rose, who promptly rolled her eyes, before producing a steel teapot from some unseen location. Carrying it over, she also brought two steel, featureless cups, and set them before the two.

Pouring a cup for himself and his guest, he addressed her questions. "Good, scare them away from hiding. Get them in the eye of the public, we both know you can do that. Though, I'd recommend against obliterating the city, as the government would be upon us in moments, sniffing through everything like the dogs they are."

"Though tread lightly, a few odd incidences lately have draw eye of some of our authorities. While I'm good at hiding things from those outside these walls, the few that built them is a rather different story." He shifted in his seat, his hands coming together, "Take the cup if you need to, we both have some paperwork to deal with." He slid a large stack of forged documents to Pandora. "Though, I'd suggest a shower first."