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Snippet #2636829

located in The Four Nations, a part of Avatar: The New Generation, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Four Nations

The world of Avatar: The Last Airbender without all the advances, a hundred years after Avatar: The Last Airbender takes place.


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Character Portrait: Nani Eian Character Portrait: Avaria Lynn
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Nani sighed as he looked around. The other servants were polite as they pretended not to notice their presence. Most servants knew of the relationship, but pretended they didn't see it as it only brought more attention where Nani didn't want attention. He just didn't want attention from certain people such as his father since he never gave good attention whatsoever, regardless of what he had heard.

Nani watched her face as he waited for her response. He couldn't read her expression though and he looked down at where he held her hands, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles. He wanted to pull her in and go to Uruki's bed and just take a nap. It sounded amazing. They wouldn't, they couldn't, but he wanted to desperately to attempt to relax and find peace. But it wasn't the time. Or the place.

She was surprised when he told her of the tournament that night. He leaned in just so he would be closer to her but didn't get too close. He had so much to be concerned about. His last tournament had gone somewhat well. His opponent got mad and when Nani's back was turned, he got burned badly. It had hurt, but it hadn't been unbearable.

Dani looked at Avaria as she spoke, giving her a small smile. "Don't say that... I mean... You now I can only do so much Avaria. You know I would never let anyone hurt you... And," Nani stopped when Avaria smiled and he lost his train of thought and any words that might have come to mind at all. He looks down, blinking to try and regain his thought and self.

She spoke and he was nodding, not looking up as he just agreed, thankful to hear the words. He didn't even realize she was kissing him until she was there. His breath caught and he kissed back, then all of a sudden she was gone and he wanted her closer again but she wasn't there. "It's not you who I fear isn't strong, Avaria.. But come with me tonight and you can stand with Uruki maybe," Nani decided confidently though he didn't feel it entirely. If they were caught, they'd be taken prisoner and probably executed in public. Nani was not going to allow that to happen though no matter what.

Nani took a breath. He hated when he wasn't as confident as he pretended to be. He took another breath before giving Avaria a hug. One that told her all that she meant to him and what she did for him. He let her go before looking down at her. "Meet me tonight out at the outer garden's wall. I'll see you then," He stated with a smile before walking away, looking back as long as he could before he turned the corner. He leaned against the wall and ran a hand through his hair. If he wasn't careful, everything that he cared about would disappear.

Nani moved quickly. He wore a pair of pants Uruki let him borrow along with a vest under a dark cloak. His boots made little sound as he walked down the hall with the hood off but the cloak closed. If guards saw him as he was, they wouldn't think anything of it, but if they saw what he wore beneath, they might grow suspicious and his father was anything but forgiving for suspicious actions.

One guard saw him and gave a nod before moving on. Nani walked quickly before making it outside. He went without light for if he was seen bending a small flame to see, he could get caught. He moved to stand under the tree he and Avaria had met under multiple times. He pulled up his hood, leaning against the wall to blend into the shadows as he waited for her, more like anticipated her arrival.