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Snippet #2637562

located in Remnant, a part of Aria And The Huntsman Pt. 1: A RWBY Story, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Raven Violette Character Portrait: Aria Sinner
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It is late.
It is quiet. Nobody on the streets and no voices in the air, none except for the breeze of the sky and the distant sound of an engine driving through the city. A young man in the dark raises his wrist and glances upon his watch. 12:42. Most other places of business are empty. Most other. There is one Raven frequents whenever he wanders about this late. A cafe, owned by a fidgety-old rabbit faunus who goes by the unfortunate nickname 'Floppy'.
The boy walks into the light of the store to reveal a seventeen year-old student of Beacon Academy. His hair is messy, his face is skittish, and almost all of his movements seem to be hesitant. Raven Violette obviously is not the most confident of men, even when entering a regular place of comfort for him. Nothing seems to be happening in the kitchen and the woman behind the counter seems to be bored. Clearly business has been slow, as any would be this time of night.
The student opts for his usual table in the far corner, hidden from any sort of attention beyond the waitress coming to take his order...if there were even anyone to pay attention to him in the shop. He orders a simple sandwich with the works. Turkey, lettuce, tomato and plenty of cheese. But, much to his surprise and not long after the waitress strolls away and puts the order up, the kitchen door right by his little corner of solitude opens to someone who would besiege the integrity of his own little turf...