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Might as well, no one is here, I'll try and lend what I know, though, as I've only been going on here for roundabout a year. Nonetheless, here's my generic list.

No God-modding
~Rather basic rule, try not to make a character that's just too perfect, too powerful, too much of anything to overwhelm the roleplay.

No Remote-Controlling
~Don't speak for someone else, don't act for them, just play as your characters. Wait for a response, THEN proceed.

Be Respectful
~Be nice, and respect an RP's rules, and those participating. You can have an asshole character, just don't be one to the writers behind it. Also, if you join an RP, respect the person enough to tell them you're leaving if you decide to quit.

There would be more, but these few are pretty big, and'll get you pretty far. If you want more, there's an OOC topic page in the Forums about something like this.