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D I A L O G U E : # F 5 A 6 0 E

Andy glanced over her shoulder towards him as he rested his hand upon her ribcage examining. She honestly appreciated the help. She really had no idea who to ask. But she was a stubborn person and was going to train that day with or without that pesky rib in place, so she figured it was worth a shot asking. Nodding her head towards him as he said, "Alright, on the count of three," bracing herself for the pop. "One... two..." She had a feeling he wasn't going to wait until 3, she was right. Because on 2 she felt it snap back into place. The pain was brief but it was enough for her to groan, while biting her lip. If it wasn't for him catching her, she probably would have tipped over from the force he had to put into it.

"Better? As he lowered the edge of her shirt. She allowed herself to rotate and stretch her arm before giving an answer with a smile, "Thank you." Her voice evident with relief, "I feel like I can function again." She chuckled at the joke while she reached over to the counter, grabbing her hoodie. She put it back on and zipped it up before also picking up the water from before, finishing it a drink or 2.

Andy could tell by looking up at Ajax, that something was on his mind. She didn't want to pry or anything. But without even having to say anything, he opened up to her with ease. "We had a Minotaur on camp once before as they just tend to wander in by accident, but one Demigod wasn't so lucky. She was a nice girl, Daughter of Athena. She tried to help like you guys, but the Minotaur managed to hit her with so much force!? that it's broke her neck, and.. spine." When she heard the last part, Andy gasped bringing a hand up to cover her mouth. That's horrible. She hadn't truly realized how lucky she was to escape with only a couple bumps and bruises. She was just trying to help. There was a silence for a moment before he spoke once again, "I was dating her at the time." That hit her right in the gut. She couldn't even imagine the pain of losing someone so close to you. She was in such shock she hardly noticed him say, "Someone really should put up some spell where they can't cross the invincible barrier."

Without a word, Andy took a step towards him, closing the distance between them. She then moved to her toes so that she was able to wrap her arms around his shoulders, slowly bringing him close in a tender hug. She felt so terribly for him. She wanted to tell him she knew how he felt but she didn't. She had absolutely no clue because everyone was scared of her as a child. But the simple fact that he was able to tell her about this made her hurt that much more for him. "I am so sorry." She whispered to him as she hugged him.

After a moment, she slowly retracted and took a step back from him, allowing her arms to slowly fall to her sides."I can talk to my brother... Maybe he knows some way or something. I don't know the full extent of powers we have but, I can try." She was talking about the force field. She truly had no idea if Hecate kids could even do that or not. But if looking into it meant she could try and keep everyone in the camp from having that face that she saw on Ajax at the moment, then she'd give it a shot... Or find someone who knew how.